Tuesday, April 25, 2006

cinnamon dolce

I have emailed starbucks about the cinnamon dolce and how much I love it and wish they would bring it back. I think you should all do the same.

And just to make you (as in Heather) jealous...I had one yesterday. The Starbucks at the Marriot hotel here in Ottawa just happened to have some left. It made for a wonderful treat on a Monday morning.


Devo said...

I had no idea they didn't offer it anymore. I heard someone order one while I was in starbucks today. They're good but a little too sweet, but I guess that's why it's dolce.

Hez said...


lu said...

i have never had one myself, but if they would serve egg nog lattes all year round, i would be a happy lady.

did you know that unless you ask otherwise, they use whole milk in all their lattes! yikes. that is a stomach ache waiting to happen for me.

Evey said...

mmmmmmm yummy. CDL....MY FAVE