Saturday, March 04, 2006

wedding blogging

I think I will take the time to blog about the wedding tomorrow. Now that it has been a week and I have had some time to reflect, relax, and most of all sleep, I think I'm ready.
Anyway, if you can't wait to hear about it in more detail until then and if you haven't checked it out yet, my dad has some stuff posted here. Perhaps one day, his page will be formatted properly...I'm not sure what's going on there (and no, I'm not blaming you or anything, it's all blogger's fault, not yours).

Anyway, enjoy the blurry pictures from video...I know I did. (points for whoever can figure out which are my two least favourite pictures)


Family Of Five said...

I actually can't wait to hear about your wedding! I love weddings!

Dr. Papa said...

I am confident that one of them is the one of you and Jordan on your way to the table for signing th register. Which one is the otner?

Hez said...

Is one of them the one where Jordan is kissing you with his mouth SO wide open but you have your lips tightly shut? Because that should be your favourite. I was entertained.

Anonymous said...

I bet they are -the one on the way to signing the register, and the one greeting the guests!? You were beautiful, and those pictures just make the rest of us feel better about ourselves. Also gives everyone something to talk about.