Thursday, March 30, 2006

we really need cable

And by need, of course I mean want. No one actually NEEDS cable in order to survive (although, one could argue that if you have a job such as a tv critic and you need to critique shows that are on cable, you need cable...but that is beside the point).

Reason 1: this post
After reading that, I really want to see the show. (and yes, i know that HBO isn't in regular cable packages...but a girl can dream)

Reason 2: this team
Unfortunately, it is pretty tough to watch "our team" when you are limited to CBC's hockey night in Canada. Not only that, but once playoffs come (and they better make the playoffs) we will be in the wrong zone. We won't automatically get CBC's feed because they'll be too busy showing us the Ottawa and Toronto games.
Last night we had to wander the streets trying to find a place that wasn't Hooters that was playing the Flames game.

Reason 3: I AM SO SICK OF NOT HAVING A CLEAR PICTURE. No matter where you put that antenna, if the winds and the electrical forces are not perfect, a clear picture is next to impossible to find.

And so...I think we will finally break down and get the cable tv cable.


Hez said...

I agree with you about the HBO show. After reading that same post, I really wanted to see the show and feel the turmoil inside. I love watching/reading/hearing things that make my brain whirl and my insides churn.

And plus, I can actually see Chloe Sevigny in action, since I only ever see her on Go Fug Yourself.

Devo said...

I feel the same way about the flames. I get mostly Canucks out here. I did however get to watch last night's game as it was on TSN. I saw a preview of the HBO show a couple weeks ago on an entertainment new show. It looks pretty good.

Peter-boy said...

Is cable overthere more expensive than an antenna? Because when it is... it's a shame. In germany we all have cable and indeed, it is much better! So I do think you soon will break down for that.

Kirst said...

Everybody needs cable. Okay maybe we don't need it, but it sure is nice to have. I'm not sure what I would do without it. Probably get a lot more done around the house. But who wants to do house work.

Evey said...

I highly recommend Satellite. It closly compares to most cable packages and in some cases cheaper.

We have the same issue with hockey. All we get her is Bruins, and so we have NHL Centre Ice so I don't have to miss any Oiler games and Chris doesn't miss the Avs. For 150 bucks for the season, it's worth it. You guys should look into it for next season.