Saturday, March 18, 2006

remember when I was bald?

I recently got an email from a friend who is shaving his head as a part of a cancer fund raiser. It reminded me of the time I did that. More or less on a whim actually. I had friends participating in the big head shave (one of whom had hair down to her bum at the time) and I had thought to myself before "why aren't I doing this?" So I decided the day of the event "If I can raise $200 in the next 20 minutes, I'll do it" and I did, so off with my hair. (i ended up raising another $500 or so in the week to follow)
So there I was...Bald. The phone call to my then boyfriend was pretty priceless. It went something like this I think:
"So.....guess what I did today..."
"I shaved my head..."
"YOU WHAT?!?!"
"Yup....I shaved my head...I'm bald"
"uuuuhhhhh.....ummmmmm.....bald? as in no hair?"

Good time had by all really. Though the growing out process wasn't entirely fun...

go on up you bald head....go on up


Hez said...

Where's the pic of you in the Q-tip phase?

Dee said...

I remember that day....

Dr. Papa said...

Funny...I so remember that day. So soon after grad - you looking your best until recently...

I was so proud! And there was that ridge on your head like the day you were born!

I love this picture of you and S. My favourite was the one I took just before you left the house one night when you were going out.

So beautiful - just your face, your smile,!

J., you have a real beauty for a wife - inside and out!

Evey said...

I have always wanted to do that, but way to frightened I have a big dent in my head or something.

K said...

evey...did you get my email with the photo link?
if you didn't, i'll send it again.

Anonymous said...

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