Thursday, March 02, 2006

it's all relative

I am a big fan of internet radio. I love the fact that I can listen to radio stations from wherever, whenever. I have been listening to Calgary radio to get a little taste of home, but this morning I decided to go with my old standby: 100.7 Heart FM from Birmingham England. It is fun to listen to the after work traffic in the middle of the morning, plus their accents are cute.

Anyway...the weather report came on and they were talking about how crazily cold it was. Cold...REALLY cold overnight with a low of -5. (and we're talking celcius)
I think we hit -5 today and everyone was thrilled. It was downright balmy.

Crazy Brits....
Lara- I hope you're enjoying your winter.

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lu said...

i must say that this post really made a lot of sense to me! people keep going on about how COLD it has been these past few days, about how if there is a 'snow shower' they better not drive, and the best part is that while they are complaining about the coldness they are wearing a mini skirt, fishnet tights, a cropped cotton jacket, and no mittens, but a fashionable scarf that provides no warmth but just looks cute! i mean sure it is a bit chilly but if you just DRESSED for the weather it wouldn't feel bad at all!

and people keep saying, 'you must be used to this being from canada.' and to that i answer - no i am not used to it, i hate being cold, but growing up where we have winter and snow and toboganning, i have learnt how to dress so i don't FEEL that cold all the time.

then they ask me what toboganning is...