Tuesday, March 14, 2006

in the spirit of lists...

I too (heart) lists
-I am very happy to see this story. And they will be free at last...Free at LAST
-I haven't been very good at replying to my email lately
-I may have to go to bed without seeing the Amazing Race for the second week in a row. I'm just so tired...why oh why do we not have TiVo in this country (although really...I don't have cable, why would I have TiVo?)
-Whilst soy sauce is a great condiment and is wonderful with fish, sushi and some like it on rice...I'm not sure one would really need to carry around a whole bottle. I saw someone on the bus this morning with a bottle of soy sauce just hanging out of their bag. It was so confusing...
-Ryan Seacrest may just be more annoying than the Canadian Tire guy and possibly also more annoying than Ben Mulroney. If we get him on the cover of Maclean's, will they fire him as well?
-I miss my friends...but I think I miss my sister the most
-I still haven't received the thank you cards I ordered and thus haven't started to write them yet. Hopefully no one is upset that they haven't got a thank you yet and hopefully they know that there is a good reason as to why they don't have it. (I promise, the card will be cute)
-I finally have a green shirt to wear on St. Patrick's day...I usually have to resort to socks (though I will be wearing my green clover leaf socks on friday as well as the green shirt)

So my list isn't nearly as issue related as the inspiration list...but that is what was on my mind today.


lu said...

i am a bit out of the loop on canadian pop culture, so tell me what this is all about with ben mulroney and the cover of macleans! if ever there was a vote, i would vote him the most anoying canadian and i feel quite badly saying that this being open internet space and everything, i would assume he won't be reading it though.

i am not sure why you need a giant bottle of soy sauce, but i broke a rather large bottle of italian olive oil on my kitchen floor last night that i had dragged back from italy...maybe they were replacing a large bottle of soy sauce that they had dragged back from china and then broke.

and cheers to freedom! 2007, i may consider moving back to alberta...haha, only kidding. depends on who takes his place!

--Nathan-- said...

wanna know why the person on the bus had a bottle of soy sauce?? because he's a crazy transit person... no further explanation needed.

Hez said...

I agree that you are TERRIBLE at replying to e-mails lately, but you are forgiven because you said you miss me most. Awwwww, shucks.

Faye said...

I just heard that you give the best Amazing race commentaries. Would you get out of that bed and watch it!!? I wanna read what you have to say.

Erin said...

I am one guilty of carrying around soy sauce at time. It is only because the EASIEST lunch to take to work is left over rice with some frozen peas chucked on top. If you heat it up and throw some soy sauce on (at work, when it's heated)it's almost like fried rice only better because it's not oily and eggy!

K said...

ok erin, you have now redeemed the crazy soy sauce lady. i didn't think it was possible, but it has been done...she is no longer crazy, just enjoys her lunch