Wednesday, March 22, 2006

have i mentioned...

(nathan...this pic's for you)

...that I STILL haven't eaten any mini eggs? What is wrong with me?
I was in Loblaws today, looking to see if there were any to send to someone in England and to perhaps get some for myself...but there wasn't a mini egg in sight. Well, that's a bit of a lie. There were some in the "egg hunt kit" that also contained creme eggs and some other stuff and there were some in one of those big chocolate eggs that has stuff in the middle. But not a bag of mini eggs.
Perhaps I am being told that once I start, there will be no stopping.


--Nathan-- said...

very nice touch on the picture... i suppose copying me is the "in" thing these days.. i really cant blame you though, i dont know if you heard... but im kinda a big deal.

lu said...

i think i might be a big deal...unless you know someone else living in england who loves mini eggs?!

the queen DID visit alberta last summer, maybe you got in with her and want to send her a royal easter treat.

Hez said...

so are you telling me that I need to go to the store, buy enough mini eggs for you, jordan AND your *secret package* to England, and since I'm there I might as well get some for myself... Is that what you're telling me? IS IT??