Thursday, March 30, 2006

we really need cable

And by need, of course I mean want. No one actually NEEDS cable in order to survive (although, one could argue that if you have a job such as a tv critic and you need to critique shows that are on cable, you need cable...but that is beside the point).

Reason 1: this post
After reading that, I really want to see the show. (and yes, i know that HBO isn't in regular cable packages...but a girl can dream)

Reason 2: this team
Unfortunately, it is pretty tough to watch "our team" when you are limited to CBC's hockey night in Canada. Not only that, but once playoffs come (and they better make the playoffs) we will be in the wrong zone. We won't automatically get CBC's feed because they'll be too busy showing us the Ottawa and Toronto games.
Last night we had to wander the streets trying to find a place that wasn't Hooters that was playing the Flames game.

Reason 3: I AM SO SICK OF NOT HAVING A CLEAR PICTURE. No matter where you put that antenna, if the winds and the electrical forces are not perfect, a clear picture is next to impossible to find.

And so...I think we will finally break down and get the cable tv cable.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

i'm so paranoid

So as of yesterday, it has been one month since the wedding. Crazy hey?
Number of thank you cards sent out: ZERO
Why? THEY STILL HAVEN'T ARRIVED (if I still don't have anything on Monday, I am going to contact them...why oh why didn't i order them when i ordered some other stuff from them? oh right, i wanted to see how that stuff turned out)

Anyway, the paranoia comes in with me thinking people will think I'm rude for leaving it this long. I would have liked to have them all done and merrily on their way to their recipients by now, but it just hasn't worked out that way. Every time I think of them, I have this fear that there are people thinking "oh....mah....gah....that Kristen....can't even send a thank you card out in proper time." What is wrong with me? Why am I so worried about that?

So if you are reading this and still waiting for your thank you card: Thank you for the lovely gift/your presence was gift enough, we really appreciate your generousity. We really loved having you as a part of our day. A proper card will follow. (and who knows, it might be worded a lot like that)

Saturday, March 25, 2006

more crazy downtown people

In the last few weeks, either standing at or walking to the bus stop in the morning (so before 8am) I have seen:

-a lady come out of a building, hair all askew and puffy, make-up smudged, wearing uggs and a full length leopard print coat...she closed herself in the phone booth next to me and started with some animated conversations

-a man yelling at me, goose-stepping and "hitler saluting" me...I was never so happy to see other people at the bus stop...I felt like he was following me

-a man with newspaper around his socks

-a "full on" pile of vomit on the sidewalk

Good times.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

have i mentioned...

(nathan...this pic's for you)

...that I STILL haven't eaten any mini eggs? What is wrong with me?
I was in Loblaws today, looking to see if there were any to send to someone in England and to perhaps get some for myself...but there wasn't a mini egg in sight. Well, that's a bit of a lie. There were some in the "egg hunt kit" that also contained creme eggs and some other stuff and there were some in one of those big chocolate eggs that has stuff in the middle. But not a bag of mini eggs.
Perhaps I am being told that once I start, there will be no stopping.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

ask your doctor about celebrex...

...he is the expert.

Celebrex is an arthritis medication. Do you think the wording of the commercial has something to do with the audience it is trying to reach?
That is really the only reason that would make sense to me.
What do you think?

Saturday, March 18, 2006

remember when I was bald?

I recently got an email from a friend who is shaving his head as a part of a cancer fund raiser. It reminded me of the time I did that. More or less on a whim actually. I had friends participating in the big head shave (one of whom had hair down to her bum at the time) and I had thought to myself before "why aren't I doing this?" So I decided the day of the event "If I can raise $200 in the next 20 minutes, I'll do it" and I did, so off with my hair. (i ended up raising another $500 or so in the week to follow)
So there I was...Bald. The phone call to my then boyfriend was pretty priceless. It went something like this I think:
"So.....guess what I did today..."
"I shaved my head..."
"YOU WHAT?!?!"
"Yup....I shaved my head...I'm bald"
"uuuuhhhhh.....ummmmmm.....bald? as in no hair?"

Good time had by all really. Though the growing out process wasn't entirely fun...

go on up you bald head....go on up

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

men get all the luck

I just don't get it...women don't seem to age as gracefully as men do. We sag, we get nasty wrinkles...we get old, not "distinguished" or anything like that.
Here is a prime example:
McDreamy then:

McDreamy Now:

I think we all know when he is the "McDreamiest".

Now, clearly now....

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

in the spirit of lists...

I too (heart) lists
-I am very happy to see this story. And they will be free at last...Free at LAST
-I haven't been very good at replying to my email lately
-I may have to go to bed without seeing the Amazing Race for the second week in a row. I'm just so tired...why oh why do we not have TiVo in this country (although really...I don't have cable, why would I have TiVo?)
-Whilst soy sauce is a great condiment and is wonderful with fish, sushi and some like it on rice...I'm not sure one would really need to carry around a whole bottle. I saw someone on the bus this morning with a bottle of soy sauce just hanging out of their bag. It was so confusing...
-Ryan Seacrest may just be more annoying than the Canadian Tire guy and possibly also more annoying than Ben Mulroney. If we get him on the cover of Maclean's, will they fire him as well?
-I miss my friends...but I think I miss my sister the most
-I still haven't received the thank you cards I ordered and thus haven't started to write them yet. Hopefully no one is upset that they haven't got a thank you yet and hopefully they know that there is a good reason as to why they don't have it. (I promise, the card will be cute)
-I finally have a green shirt to wear on St. Patrick's day...I usually have to resort to socks (though I will be wearing my green clover leaf socks on friday as well as the green shirt)

So my list isn't nearly as issue related as the inspiration list...but that is what was on my mind today.

Monday, March 13, 2006

the best i can do

If I am going to post these, I feel that I should give my photographer a plug. These images are ALL copyrighted and were taken by Karin Schrik of Karin Schrik Photography. I don't know what the rules are, but I do know that you couldn't really copy any of the pictures from hopefully this is ok.
Anyway, I loved working with her and she did a really good job of making us all look good. I normally look pretty silly in pictures and I'm really happy with these. Thanks Karin!

i hear all the cool kids...

...have been blogging about mini eggs. Now, as someone who is generally a little late with the trends, I'm now just trying to keep up with the cool kids. The only problem is, the only mini eggs I've had have been the ones in the van...mmmm.

I guess I'll have to go out and buy a bag (the little one...not the family pack, though even if I did buy the big bag, there would be someone else eating most of them....I'm looking at you Tronsgard)

Saturday, March 11, 2006

not always so sexy...

In response to Deanna's "what a sexy bride" post, I felt I had to include a few out-takes. They make me laugh...
I wonder what I was thinking here...perhaps "seriously, one more picture and I might just snap". But more likely "what on earth is our DJ wearing? and why does he have a cowbell"???

I find this one amusing as well....

Anyway...I got all of the information to view our "online wedding album" which is basically the best of the best of what our photographer took. I'm not going to put that information here because I don't know that everyone in those pictures would feel comfortable with that. Plus, I don't know how I feel about giving random access to random people...BUT, for those of you who have not yet received that information over email (because I don't have your email address) and really want to see them, find a way to email me and I will pass that information along. I love the pictures, so I have no problem sharing them with you. I do have a few "proof pages" that I MAY be able to post....I'll see if it works.

Friday, March 10, 2006

cutco of our very own

I have been missing the sharpness and the comfort of the knives I have always known. I know that the "pros" don't use them and I know that they advertise their crappy jobs to students everywhere...but to have cuto knives of our own is fantastic. What wonderful cousins and aunt and uncle I have!!!
There was such joy in my heart as I cut a tomato yesterday...

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

An open invitation to come on over....

Anyone up for a few games of Settlers?
I can make snacks...tasty tasty snacks. I'll even throw in dinner....and I promise I won't make you play Trivial Persuit...does that sweeten the deal?

I hope you are all well this week.

Kirsten, you can bill Nathan for his untouched food next Tuesday. I think an appropriate price would be him buying your coffee for the next two weeks. (Nathan, I almost put a "you know Kirsten doesn't have a computer at home so you should probably call her" comment on your Flames post but I figured that since you posted it, you probably remembered to call. Silly me).

Oh yeah...and for the first time in about 5 or 6 seasons, I voluntarily missed an episode of the Amazing Race KNOWING that I wouldn't see it because I have no means with which to record it. I was just too tired last night...I didn't feel very well and I was exhausted...I had to go to bed before it even started! Craziness, I know.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

oops...i guess not today

I thought I'd have the time today, but alas. A very busy day of trying to make our place look a little more homey...
Perhaps I'll have time tomorrow. And if I don't, I'm sure that as soon as I get my picture proofs it won't matter if I have time or not, I'll have to go on and on about it.

I'll tell you this was a wonderful day that MANY people worked really hard to put together. I'd thank everyone "Oscar-style", but you wouldn't want that....
Speaking of the Academy Awards...if you saw the beginning of the Oscar telecast...that pillow case that Jon Stewart's head was on, when he was in bed with George Clooney? We have those cases...woohooo.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

wedding blogging

I think I will take the time to blog about the wedding tomorrow. Now that it has been a week and I have had some time to reflect, relax, and most of all sleep, I think I'm ready.
Anyway, if you can't wait to hear about it in more detail until then and if you haven't checked it out yet, my dad has some stuff posted here. Perhaps one day, his page will be formatted properly...I'm not sure what's going on there (and no, I'm not blaming you or anything, it's all blogger's fault, not yours).

Anyway, enjoy the blurry pictures from video...I know I did. (points for whoever can figure out which are my two least favourite pictures)

Friday, March 03, 2006

for kris and lynn:

I saw a dog today that could perhaps out prance Mr Prance Pants himself...
I thought of you two and Achilles the entire time it was prancing by me. Unfortunately (0r fortunately?) for Achilles, this Prancer would probably fit into your "Chilly-D"s back pocket.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

it's all relative

I am a big fan of internet radio. I love the fact that I can listen to radio stations from wherever, whenever. I have been listening to Calgary radio to get a little taste of home, but this morning I decided to go with my old standby: 100.7 Heart FM from Birmingham England. It is fun to listen to the after work traffic in the middle of the morning, plus their accents are cute.

Anyway...the weather report came on and they were talking about how crazily cold it was. Cold...REALLY cold overnight with a low of -5. (and we're talking celcius)
I think we hit -5 today and everyone was thrilled. It was downright balmy.

Crazy Brits....
Lara- I hope you're enjoying your winter.