Tuesday, February 21, 2006

so much to do

can't blog. too busy.
will try my best to fill everyone in as soon as i have the chance....here are a few quick highlights:
-friday, flight cancelled, told we wouldn't get home until tuesday
-maybe we can get you on standby
-no standby but hooray for rescue flights
-night spent at the airport
-rescue flight, 2 hours late
-shower, eat, go to surprise activity
-lots of running around in the amazing race (see H-mo's blog)
-exhausted, go out to party
-dress fitting
-see people
-eat, drink, be merry
-highly anxious state, won't go away
-feeling a bit better today
-hair trial moved
-must. get. everything done.
-all will be well, just relax, it will be fun.

Mostly, I suck at making decisions, which is why things are more stressful than they have to be. But today is a new day and I will remember that it will all be ok.


lu said...

i so excited for you both all the way over here and it looks like the amazing race was so much fun! what a great way to spend time together especially considering your love for the show. i have no idea how busy you must feel (as i have never before been a bride) but i have confidence that you will make the most of it all and enjoy your time in calgary!

can't wait for more photos, stories, and blogs about the whole experience!

Dee said...

Just remember BREATHE!!! and don't forget to EAT!!!

Dee said...

Congrats lady! I hope that you two enjoy the married life!

I miss you already...