Monday, February 13, 2006

the bus people, they are crazy

I guess that I am technically "a bus person", but I'm not nearly as werid as the guy that was sitting next to me on the bus home. Perhaps my mistake was taking a different bus home...apparently the people that take the 85 are much stranger than those on my "normal" bus. But he got on the bus, sat next to me, and the crazies began.
There were the random song notes that came out of his mouth (not entire words, just random pitches), the strange hissing noises, the dancing, the gesturing, the leaning... I honestly didn't know how to react. Should I dance right along? Groove to my own music (I was listening to the old i-pod...but it is hard to groove to a slow Joni Mitchell song)?
By the time I got off the bus, I didn't know what was funnier: the guy next to me, or the girl in front of me shooting him the disgusted looks...

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