Monday, January 23, 2006

voting day in canada

Ok folks...its voting day. There are very few legitimate excuses for not voting. One such excuse would be that on the way to the polling station you are attacked by a dog and rushed to the hospital and by the time you are released, the voting has been closed. But that's a pretty extreme circumstance. Think of the people all over the world that brave bomb threats, death threats...there are people who risk their own safety to vote. As Canadians, the most common reason for not voting is that they just can't be bothered with it. They don't think their vote counts anyway. Well peeps, this year it does. If nothing else, vote in just this election because this year, your vote really DOES make a difference. (now, i know a few people in calgary who don't vote for the Harper tribe, and yes, it does get frustrating that they elect a loon over and over...even Harper is embarrassed by him, but your vote still counts). If you don't vote, you forfeit your right to complain when things go wrong. I know that if I didn't vote, I'd feel like I was letting down all the women who haven't had the right to vote, who don't have the right to vote and who won't have the right to vote in the future.

I promise I won't be so self-righteous and preachy next post. I just think that voting is important.


The Rev said...

"If you don't vote, you forfeit your right to complain when things go wrong."


What about the opposite? If you don't vote and things go right? For example, if Harper wins and families are given their $1200/year for each child under "can't remember the actual age" and lets say a person didn't vote at all...then if they have kids under "whatever age" they shouldn't be allowed to have the $1200/year per child because they didn't vote so they don't deserve to reap any benefits. Make sense?

It would be impossible to do this because then people would be like "I couldn't vote because..." and then an exception would be made and then somehow someone would have to decide when a non-voter has a good enough reason. Blah.

Go vote.

thephoenixnyc said...

Coming Headline:

"Harper Wins: Declares "Our Long National Nightmare of Tolerance, Peace and Prosperity if Finally Over"

Lucy Stern said...

Voting is important. Go do it.

lu said...

i like what you said about it being a disservice to all those who have fought for so many years just for the right to vote. last year i got to go to a celebration for democracy in south africa and people were crying they were so proud of their country's democracy. come on people, get out and vote and let's lose this apathy!

and i vote in steve's riding so if i can vote and think my vote doesn't count, then anyone can vote!

Hez said...

I voted. Pretty quick process... even at 4:30. Rob Anders' name was at the top of the ballot, and though I had to restrain myself from scribbling madly over it and writing "die anders die" and also from screaming to everyone around me "PLEASE DON'T ELECT THIS IDIOT AGAIN!!!", I quietly put my little "x" next to who I voted for and walked out without causing a scene.

(Quick note, I don't actually want Rob Anders to die... I just don't want him "representing" me any longer... I tend to exaggerate my feelings from time to time.)

In any event, I voted. So I can complain ALL I WANT!!!!!!!!!!

Leslie said...

I always vote!