Wednesday, January 18, 2006

so scary...

There was a strange weather phenomenon present in Ottawa today. It was my first experience with the combination of sidewalks that are covered in rain covered ice. There's not a lot of friction. You find yourself looking for the slushy parts, no matter how deep, because it means you will be able to grip the ground. Nuts I tell you, nuts.
For the balance challenged, it's especially tough. Now, I'm no Kramer, but I have been known to lose my balance on more than one occasion and I was very fearful of ending up soaked. But I made it out and back without incident.
Not wanting to push my luck, I did not go out again despite wanting to go to the grocery store. It was just too risky.


Anonymous said...

We, anonymouses! (2). You say: "yeah anonymous..." do you think we're right?

Anonymous said...


You've said: oh dear anonymous... What do you mean?