Friday, January 13, 2006

ottawans....they're nuts

So the weather has been GREAT for the last week or so. Unseasonably warm. Sure, it means things are slushy and messy, but it's not below zero. There is no freezing wind, no blowing feels like spring (or like chinook time in Calgary). AND THE PEOPLE HERE ARE COMPLAINING!!!! Not everyone is complaining of course, but many people don't like it. They want winter back. Nuts I tell you....nuts.

I'm loving it. I hope those crazies are happy when it's -30 and the windchill freezes their eyes shut.


lu said...

or when it gets so cold your snot freezes! not sure if that is appropriate language for your blog, but seriously any true canadian knows the feeling. i do not relate to those ottawans (is that what they are called??), i LOVE chinooks!

Evey said...

They dont really sound like the sharpest tools in the shed. Don;t get me wrong, I love winter and I love snow....but when its gone I don't miss it and I certainly don't ask for it back.