Friday, January 27, 2006

my last day of early retirement

Well, I come out of retirement next week...and it couldn't have come too soon. I have worked only 2.5 days since September 30th. At first of course, it was kind of nice to not be working. I was still adjusting and probably wouldn't have been the ideal employee. But after about 2 weeks, it was getting a bit old.

Being unemployed isn't too fun. Writing cover letter after cover letter and applying for job after job gets frustrating. You wonder why no one "wants you". You get down on yourself a bit. You think "well, then job-x is probably the best I can do then" even though you know that you won't be happy there and you might just die a little inside each time you think about what you're doing.

But yes. I am starting my shiny new job on Monday. It is something that I think I'll enjoy doing and the company seems like a good work environment. Good health care benefits (we're both covered starting on Monday...I'm looking for a dentist already), a decent amount of holiday time (though I'm using almost half of it in February) and a decent salary (with room for raises...remind me to keep track of my performance so that I can go into a review with solid reasons). All in all, I'm pretty excited about it. Sure, I'll miss my morning Regis and Kelly and the freedom to wake up when I want to...but much more of that would leave us broke and I would be even MORE bored.

What am I going to do on my last day of freedom you ask? I have no idea…the possibilities are endless. (ok, so no they aren’t and I still have to finish up some thank you cards…but I can pretend they are endless.)


Hez said...

Shiny new jobs are fun... as are health care. Too bad you can't find a dentist that employs Jose... remember jose and his gentle gentle hands... *sigh*... how I miss jose.

Hez said...

are, is, same thing.

K said...

but alas, he went back to school to become an architect...perhaps he'll end up working for Vandelay.

Dee said...

Good luck tomorrow!!