Wednesday, January 25, 2006

let the sleep problems begin

So I couldn't get to sleep last night because of the dreaded wedding worries. (by 2:30, i popped in the rundown and was asleep in no time. why do we have it? well, in our defense, it's not ours and it was forced on us ;-)
So what was it last night? Why guest list issues of course. Now, I know I would be having the same problems if I was in charge, but as someone who likes to have control, I am of course having trouble with not having too much control. Sure, I have some control, but nothing is in front of me, I don't have all the information, so I have a hard time answering questions. Plus..WHY OH WHY when there is only one name on the invitation and no one has even hinted to you that you can bring a guest, would you RSVP for two? Wouldn't you at least think to call first? Or email? As well, why do you RSVP for three when there are only two names on the invite? My goal was to make the invitations dummy proof but I knew before they were even out that they weren't...but that's just the way it was going to work.

I know, it's crappy and confusing for everyone...but we have such limited space in the reception room. And I'm NO GOOD at saying no. I want everyone to be able to come. I feel guilty when people don't get invited...I hate telling people that we don't have room for their kids or their boyfriend of a week or their friend or....
But I guess I'll have to suck it up and do it (or get someone else to) because there are two people that were left off the list that really should be invited.

Sorry for the rant. I'll try not to let it happen again.
The sad thing is, we may have two extra spaces because it's possible that my grandparents won't be able to fly in. My grandfather has been in the hospital (still is? I don't know the updated information) and no one is sure if he'll be in good enough health to come. Does anyone have a video camera so that we can at least send them a copy?


The Rev said...

Want me to burst some bubbles? I'll tell people that they can't bring their boyfriend of a week or hooker they met last night.

We had the same problem, invited a guest with her name on the invite only and she replied saying she'd be bringing her friend or boyfriend or whatever.

Seriously, pass on the contact info and I'll get in touch with the person(s) in question in order to set them straight.

I've got nothing to lose. On the other hand it's not really my place to say anything. But I'll still do it if you want me to.

Chrissy & Brian said...

Try not to worry about it! I know easier said then done, we have all been there. Have someone else make the call to the person for you. You have enough on your plate. Unless that person is me, in which case, I am really sorry, I thought Bri was invited too! hahahaha
But seriously, try not to let it get to you, and look on the brightside, at least you know that a couple wont show up with thier 4 kids and expect to be fed!

K said...

oh dear...I had to be the first one to tell them "umm....I only see two of you on the list..."

And for goodness sakes Chrissy, you should know that when an invitation is addressed to Brian and Chrissy, it CLEARLY means you only.

I know it will all get worked out soon. Randy is apparently the master at difficult phone I'm hoping that he will do one of them (my dad is on the hook for the other).