Sunday, January 15, 2006

i may be drunk...but i'm only looking at you

I debated the title for this post. It was either the title above or "a perfect ten". Both are references to different experiences from last night.

I took my first big "winter spill" last night. And boy was it spectacular. One might say that it was a perfect ten. I was walking to the grocery store and had just stepped up onto the curb after crossing the street when all friction was lost. We're talking a full spread eagle onto the pavement (the ice covered pavement in fact). Even I wish I had it on video because I think it would have been a sight. I hit with such force that my toque fell off....and an old lady asked me if I was ok. I must have remembered my volleyball training, because my only injury was a bruised knee. I managed to spread out quite well to absorb the fall. I'm quite impressed with myself. Jordan's only regret is that he wasn't there to point an laugh...

Later that night, we ended up at a club with some of Jordan's school friends. It was a decent enough place...I think it generally attracts an older crowd, but there were some definite young ones around. It was at that club that we heard the best pick up line ever. If you fall for a line like "i may be drunk but i'm only looking at you", run, run far away because next time it will be "it's late, you'll do".


The Rev said...

I would have pointed and laughed too. I think it's a Y chromosome thing. Or perhaps it's simply a matter of "Jordan and Steve are jerks".

I think this post would have been funnier if you wrote what actually happened. Here's how the post should have ended:

It was at that club that I heard the worst pick up line ever. Jordan turned to me at one point and said "i may be drunk but i'm only looking at you". Jordan's nose is still bleeding.

Evey said...

Perhaps I would have pointed and laughed as well, but only of course AFTER I knew you were ok.

Hez said...

Point. Laugh. Is there an other option?

Your night sounds like MY night... (the club part, and the funny pick up lines...)

I like the you'll do one... You should use that one day.

Leslie said...

Ha ha. You could have won big time on AFV with a video like that!