Friday, December 16, 2005

let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

The snow hath fallen

I'm glad we aren't on the ground floor.

I think that if the road had been plowed and if the sidewalk had actually been shovelled, that extension would be in use.
Apparently this isn't normal. I'm glad for it...what a mess trying to get around today. It really made me glad I didn't have to drive though. I guess all the side streets were neglected today because the main ones needed to be plowed and re-plowed...though I am pretty sure I hear one outside on our street right now.
I have been promising to show these magical fire hydrant extensions, so I figured this would be the perfect opportunity. I'll make sure to take another picture once the extension is in use.
Have a great weekend!


Hez said...

I still don't think I get the extensions... I'm pretty sure you explained them, but I forget.

Is it so they know where they fire hydrants are? Because I pictured this huge tube thingy (that looks like an elephants trunk) attached to the hydrant that the water would come out of... And hopefully someone forgot to hold onto it so that it goes swinging all over the place like in a cartoon and water gets sprayed everywhere. That's what I picture in my head...

K said...

What you're's called a hose...a HOSE. And yes, it is far funnier when it goes swinging everywhere like in a cartoon.

The extension tells you where the fire hydrant is when it's under the giant snowbank.

Hez said...


THAT'S what those things are called. Not tuby-like-elephant-trunk-swinging-everwhere-thingys?

That's too bad.

You a cracka me up. (And no, I'm not saying cracka meaning slang for white people, I'm saying crack but with a weird accent, the way we say that to each other. Just to be clear.)

Dr. Papa said...

I like the swingy hose elephant thing too.

I just wondered if you realized that you will be home in less than a week!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just in case you haven't thought of it.