Thursday, December 15, 2005

another random thursday

Why not?

-I'm getting really excited about going home next week (8 more days). It's a good thing I have a million things going on next week or it would be agonizing.

-I keep forgetting that Kris and Lynn won't be there...we'll miss you guys!

-We're supposed to get something like 20cm of snow over the next 36 hours or so. Eek. I'll have to run out and get a picture of those fire hydrant extensions in use.

-Because of all that snow, no one will be able to park on the streets from 1am-7am. Weird hey? Anytime there is an overnight forcast of 7cm or over (and as the man from the tv tells me, this also includes ranges such as 5-10) you can't park on the street because of plowing. Sure, it makes sense, but I have never heard of that.

-This isn't my original material (this guy pointed it out to me) but I find it funny. Do a google image search for "good soup". The first image may look familiar to you.

Happy Thutsday everyone! (don't you hate "r"s???)


Hez said...

OH my gosh that's SO random!!! How on earth did that ACTUALLY just happen? (refering to the good soup thing)

Hez said...

I think I missed an "r". Oops.

K said...

because he knows where to find good soup...even here in ottawa

The Rev said...

Hez, I don't think you're only one that missed an "r". K, missed one too.

"Happy Thutsday everyone!"

Dee said...

I don't get it.

The Rev said...

You don't get it? It's okay, I'll walk you through it.

If you look at Hez's first comment you'll notice she wrote "refering" instead of "referring". She missed an "r".

If you look at K's post you'll notice she signed off with "Happy Thutsday everyone!" She missed an "r", or perhaps simply hit "t" instead of "r".

You'll also notice that K has updated her post, adding "(don't you hate "r"s???)"

Understand now? ;0)

Dee said...

;o) No no no, I don't get the "good soup" google thing....sorry I wasn't clear. I googled good soup and didn't find anything out of the ordinary.

K said...

you have to do an image search (above the little thing where you write in your search, click on images)

K said...

hmmm...i just did that and it didn't pull up what it normally does...booooo

The Rev said...

OK, you can just ignore me. Everyone else does.

As for the search. I just tried and it worked for me. I'll make things easier for you. Go here: good soup search on google images

By the way, it's not random. If you click on the pic it will lead you to my blog. And if you look at the 7th picture (of the cafe) it will lead you to my blog as well.

Hez said...

I know it's not random random, but it's just crazy! It's kinda like when k google searched "bottle depot ottawa" and the first page gave all the listings for bottle depots in Calgary. Weird.

And don't ask me why, but when I read "Happy Thutsday" I laughed outloud for about 5 minutes sitting in the internet cafe on the 4th floor of Mac Hall. EVERYONE turned and looked at me, tears streaming down my face laughing laughing and not being able to stop. Why? What's so freaking funny about Thutsday??? But if you say it out loud, it's funnnnnyyyyyyyyy.