Monday, November 28, 2005

retail therapy

It’s not quite as satisfying when you don’t actually buy anything, but still quite fun none the less.

I decided that I needed a little fun time today so after applying for some jobs, I made myself presentable (my shirt has a collar on it…woohoo) and hit the Rideau Centre for some window shopping/Christmas looking. (and by Christmas looking, I mean, seeing if anything caught my eye for gift giving). I tried on shoes too. Oh shoes, how I love thee.

Anyway, I managed to escape after buying just what I knew I needed to get (some cards, lotion…that kind of stuff) and felt remarkably good. Though perhaps it was also because I was leaving with the knowledge that when I got home, I would get to eat the two shrimp salad rolls and chocolate croissant from Richtree. Originally, the plan was to get a coffee after my trip, but when I walked by the salad rolls and chocolate croissants, I realized it would probably be less than a dollar more to get those versus my coffee and I was sold. So now that I have enjoyed that delicious chocolatey goodness, I am satisfied with my day.

A good start to a week…hopefully it will continue to be a good one.


Hez said...

Now I want a chocolate croissant... not fair.

lu said...

ohhh..that sounds like a nice way to start the week.

while you are looking for things to do, you can give me regular updates on the state of our federal government! doesn't that sound exciting.

Evey said...

chocolate croissant??? why have i never had one?

The Rev said...

Choclate Croissant you say?

Hez said...

That's so funny rev! Chocolate croissants are croissant/pastry things with melted chocolate inside. At Sunterra Market they have chocolate ones, and almod ones, which are equally delicious. K and I used to make our own with those pillsbury crescent rolls that you get in that can that goes POP when you pull the paper off, and we just put chocolate chips in the middle. We should do that again... mmmmmmmmmmm..... baking.