Wednesday, November 02, 2005

poor gaghans....

Well, the Gaghans were Philiminated. It was one of those roadblocks that you know will make the difference and that in some ways is just blind luck. Looking for a red bean in a sea of white beans. How much would that suck.

What was revealed in this episode was the reason people don't like the Weavers. When they were yielded, they sat there and bashed each team. One by one, they looked at the pictures of the teams and made fun of them. Then, as the other teams ran by them and said somewhat encouraging words such as "stick with it", the Weavers bitched about them. They seem to have a bit of a superiority complex. They now officially annoy me.

I think the trooper of the episode had to be Marion Paolo once again. I think she wanted to give up...but she didn't. I think her sons (and husband for that matter) are realizing just what a tough cookie she is. Way to go Mama Paolo.

Anyway, I was impressed with the Gaghans, too bad they won't be there anymore.

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Hez said...

I think this episode really showed why everyone hates the Weavers... How rude are they?!? And dumb too, because even if people are so rude to judge people and make fun of their pictures, only the really dumb ones do it while being filmed for TV!

The paolos are growing on me now that they have SOME respect for their mother. I'm liking them a little more now!

How sad was that quivering lip at the end? It must have been hard to Phil!