Monday, November 07, 2005

more month long observations

-Ottawans love their Beaver Tails. I very rarely pass the Beaver Tails stand when there isn't a line up.

-It rains here a lot.

-There is a lot of gambling in Ontario. Perhaps I'm just more aware of it now? But it seems to me that there is more advertising for lottery and casinos here.

-When I am thinking about something in French, I am more likely to have someone say "Bonjour" to me on the street. Perhaps there is a French "vibe" that is just common to all people thinking about french.

-The flu shot is free here.

-Shawarma is the Ottawa equivalent to Vietnamese in Calgary. There are Shawarmas a plenty and we have yet to have any Ottawan Vietnamese.

-Rememberance Day is not a holiday...yet it's the biggest ceremony in the country. I just don't get it. Even this year, the year of the Veteran, everyone has to go to work and school.


K said...

aahh crap, the comment spam is back again. i guess i'll go back to the word verification

thephoenixnyc said...

Canadians are so cute.

Chrissy & Brian said...

Beaver Tails are soooo yummy! They call them Elephant Ears out West, they just aren't the same!
Eating a beaver tail after skating down the Rideau Canal. That is an event for you to look forward to!

Hez said...

I hope you've tried a queue de castor... they are unbelievable!!!!

The Rev said...

Elephant ears? Um, no. They still call them Beaver Tails. Maybe you're confused. Maybe you mean like really far west all the way around the globe to Asia (which is west of us if you keep going west) or Africa (which is west too if you continue to go west past Asia). Cause I could see them making things called Elephant Ears in countries where elephants are a more common animal. But here in Canada where the beaver is like the national animal, um, yeah, Beaver Tails.

Lori has corrected and informed me saying that Elephant Ears do exist and that's what she grew up knowing them as. I'm not sure I've eaten a Beaver Tail/Elephant Ear but do know that I've only ever seen them as Beaver Tails. Saw them At Calaway Park, I think.

Chrissy & Brian said...

At K-Days they are called Elephant Ears. And I think at the Fringe they called them that too. I agree "Elephant Ears" doesn't make sense for Canada. They should be "Beaver Tails" nation wide!