Sunday, November 06, 2005

month long observations

Well, it's now been a month since I packed up and left my cow-town home. It has gone quicker than I thought it would, but perhaps it's because everything was new and exciting and there has been a lot to do just to organize my life a bit. I still don't have a job, but really, the "hardcore" job search didn't start until October 12th so I still have some hope left. I'm trying to "be patient" but would someone just interview me already? I have had an interview for part time work at a home accessories store...but that doesn't count as much as a different type of interview.
Jordan has been pretty sick with the flu this week. So far, my health has held up...I guess my willing myself healthy has been working. I can't get sick. I think that it wouldn't just be my physical health that suffered if I did get sick. There's a fine line that I'm walking here. I am doing well at still being hopeful about jobs and all that stuff. The sick might just put me over the edge.

Anyway. Here are a few month long observations:

-I miss Safeway. I wonder why the stores haven't made the jump into Ontario? All I know is I miss certain Safeway brand things and just the fact that I know my way around a Safeway store.

-I like the fact that I can walk to two different grocery stores plus a butcher, a fish monger, a fruit store...all that fun stuff. Unfortunately, winter is coming and I won't be enjoying those walks as much.

-Rideau is definitely where the "crazies" hang out (and yes, that is a technical term). Every day there is someone new.

-They love hockey here. I like it.

-The largest visible minority here seems to be people from the french-speaking african countries.

-There is still a "Don Cherry's" bar.

-I'm still noticing a lot of the lighter beers as being the most popular. Keith's is huge. It's hard to find a decent pint of something darker that I love. I'll have to explore the microbrews a bit more.

-The male anchor for the evening CTV news just makes me giggle. You should check him out. I wish you could hear the voice.

That's all for now...perhaps I'll come up with some more later and post them.
I hope y'all have had a great weekend.


Hez said...

His face looks hysterical... I REALLY wish there was a sound clip. I think it would be entertaining.

revswife said...

So sorry to hear about Jordan being sick, I REALLY hope you don't get it. Buy that Cold FX if you will be well worth your sanity. I'm rooting for you.
I too missed Safeway when I was there, but if I am not mistaken, I was told it used to be there and then left for some reason.
You probably have Fortinos though-and that is heaven. So is the Bulk Barn if you ever manage to find one.

K said...

What is this Fortinos you speak of? I think I'll have to look it up or something.