Friday, November 18, 2005

Guffie McSneez

More adventures in downtown Ottawa!

Part of the “rules” about getting married in most churches is that you need to take a marriage prep course. The church we are getting married in is no exception, but of course, we can’t take their course. Being the busy people we are (ok, so we do procrastinate a little too), we have been a little negligent in registering for a course. I finally found a suitable one earlier this week but found out that we had to be registered and they had to have our money by today. After calling the registrar a few times to no avail, I finally found a random person that told me I could come to the office and fill out the form and give them the money.

I don’t think I realized how far away it was, but I made the trek. I was thankful I had my mittens, but I had wished I had worn the touque that covers my whole ears instead of the one that relies on my hair to cover the bottom of them. So we are now successfully registered…woohoo.

On my way back down Queen Street, I saw a sign for an establishment called Guffie McSneez. GUFFIE MCSNEEZ!!! What kind of place could it possibly have been and why on earth would you call it that? But I digress…

In the back of my mind, before I left I though “hey, maybe I should register for OHIP (Ontario health) since I’m going to be out and about. Of course, I didn’t look up the address before I left…that would be too easy. I knew that it was sort of near the main post office by the parliament building, but that was all. After wandering for a bit, I finally decided to look for a phone book. Many a public phone in sight, no phone books. So I entered a random government building and asked for a phone book. Apparently, I can’t work a phone book because I couldn’t find it in there. Now, I had promised myself the treat of a gingerbread latte from Starbucks if I completed all my errands, so I couldn’t just give up. So in a last ditch effort, I went to the post office and hooray for the postman, he knew where it was! So I am now registered for OHIP and my coverage will start in January.

So off to Starbucks…my super girlie/yuppie order was a grande non-fat half sweet no whip gingerbread latte. I found a seat and awaited my order. When I got to the counter after my order had been called, there were two guys standing there making fun of my coffee. I had a little laugh with them and then sat down. They ended up sitting next to me and we ended up chatting it up about many a thing. As it turned out, they were with the Celtic Tenors. One was a singer and the other the music director. They just came in from Edmonton and will be performing in Hull/Gatineau tomorrow night. They told me they’d leave tickets for me at the CD table tomorrow night if I want to go…
The funny thing is, last night we saw the commercial for their show and one of my comments was “at least Il Divo has the looks going for them”. Oops. Funny how things work out.

The music director man actually suggested that I look into jobs in Public relations and Publicity because I seemed outgoing, smart and had a sense of humour. That’s something to think about…though I wouldn’t even know where to start.

Anyway, I’m glad I decided to get my coffee. The question is, will they actually leave tickets…and also, will Jordan even consider going?


The Rev said...

Did you check out the Photo Gallery? "So cool!" You'll know what that means if you've checked the Gallery. I think it's photo #17. Sweet.

Dr. Papa said...


I had visions of 60 year old men with guts like mine! They are so CUTE!

So which one did you meet. I just listened to their music and what incredible voices!! (Remember, I sing tenor. I am jealous! - and cute too! I hate getting old!)

Anyway, get that Jordan to go with you and hear them. A free night out!

I'll pay the cab if you need one!