Friday, November 04, 2005

go sens go?

So I went to my first Ottawa Senators game I think it was actually the first pro hockey game I’ve been to that wasn’t at the Saddledome…and it felt a little weird. But, the ticket was only $25 so hooray.
Here are some of the things that stuck out:
-That Zdano Chara really is huge. Especially when you’re looking at him next to Martin St. Louis.

-That Daniel Alfredsson is a really good hockey player.

-Sens fans really hate the Leafs. When the out of town scoreboard came up showing that the Leafs had lost, there was a resounding cheer followed by a “Leafs suck” chant that went for at least 20 seconds.

-Sens fans are NOT as loud as Flames fans.

-The Corel Centre is stuck waaaay out off the highway. I bet they’d sell out if it was closer in.

-Deep fried pickles are really quite delicious. (really, how could they not be…I do love pickles)

-When you’re used to hearing “Go Flames Go” you can almost convince yourself that that’s what you’re hearing when you hear “Go Sens Go”.

And there you have it. Hockey in the capital is a good time.


Hez said...

Deep Fried Pickles? I don't know what to say to that!

We're having TACOS for dinner! (unfortunately not the fish tacos from Joey Tomatoe's... too bad!)

Dr. Papa said...

I'm with Hez....deep fried?

But then, what could not taste good that was deep fried? Really! Then, you've got pickles. Dill, I hope! Maybe even the big Kosher Dills (for more on Kosher, see . She seems to have something about that today.

Anyway....great word, no? Let's everyone know it is time to change something.

Well, K, I'm glad that hockey is almost as good in Ottawa as it is in Calgary.

Love ya!

Lara said...

i have had deep fried pickles and i agree that they are delicious.

i saw someone wandering around here with a canucks jersey on this week and last week in scotland i saw a little kid with a team canada jersey! now if only i could find a pub that would show a flames game...

Evey said...

I always enjoy a good hockey game at different arenas. We are going to see the Bruins this week....which should be fun. However I am much more look forward to our New York trip in December....We are going to see the Avalanche (Chris's team) play New Jersey on the Friday and then on Saturday go see the Oil take on the Islanders. Fun times.

K said...

Yes...deep fried pickles. I too was skeptical until that first delicious tangy and salty bite. MMMMMm.

Lara-I heard from a friend in London that during the playoffs, sometimes you can find a pub that shows the games at strange hours.

Evey- sounds like a fabulous time!!! I'm jealous