Saturday, November 26, 2005

feeling bleh...

Well, I'm officially feeling pretty blah. I don't feel much closer to getting a job (though I did just re-vamp my resume and got some cover letter tips). I still haven't really made many friends, it's getting colder and colder and snowier and snowier...I'm finding it a little more difficult to stay positive.
I'm doing some cleaning today and put some christmas music on to try to instill some cheeriness into me (shh...don't tell Jordan, he told me I couldn't start with the christmas music until December 2, but he's not here) and it's working a little bit, though it's also making me miss home as well. Plus, I don't have the Johnny Mathis Christmas album...and that's the "money" christmas CD. (perhaps I should see if I can find it)
In the grand scheme of things, I'm still very lucky. I just have to remember that.


mrbunsrocks said...

Hi! You left a comment in my blog asking about vietnamese in Ottawa. I answered, and added an Ethiopian suggestion too. :)

Hez said...

You are lucky... don't worry. Things will come around soon enough. Soon you'll be home and you know you're going to get spoiled... (they seem to love you more when you're gone... when I left I got packages and good loot all the time!) Look forward to that! Plus you get to see all your friends, your family and put final touches on the wedding!

Leave the job thing till later and focus on what's coming up soon!

Dr. Papa said...

Lucky Schmucky! What's all that about? I think there's nothing better than a good pre-Christmas Blues to really settle the suicidal sentiments. There you are, all alone, in Ottawa - such a cold and unfriendly city - no job and no friends. I hear a country-western fiddle moaning in the background and a good tear developing in the corner of my eye!

We had Inn From the Cold this evening - about a dozen kids this month. Can you imagine? Living on the streets for the pre-Christmas season? Worse still is when they told us that the chicken (your grandmother's recipe with the cheese and garlic in the bread crumbs) was the best meal they had had in months! Makes the options we have seem rather meager, no?

But get ready! Christmas dinner is with THEM this year. That's right, Chrsitmas Day is the 4th Sunday in December and YOU have to spend it with the down and outs of Calgary! To add insult to injury, because we are told that every Inn from the Cold does Turkey in December, we have decided to do Standing Rib Roast with Yorkshire Pudding and all the fixings. Della insists on doing a Turkey as well. You-know-who is also fixated on doing a huge ham. These poor folk are going to be forced into choice, diversity, and variety. And you have to co-exist with them.

If that isn't enough to give you a serious case 0f the very Bluse Christmas Blues, don't forget that we won't be having any alcoholic drinks with thid aforementioned Christmans dinner.

So I'm with you, bun, there truly is nothing to look forward to! Except maybe spending time surrounded by people who happen to think you are one of the most wonderful people that exist on the face of the earth. I suppose having to spend time with family and friends would be ok for some people, but they are not alone in our nation's capitol - jobless!

I know this is nothing for you to look forward to, but you might find a smidgeon of relief knowing that your sister, fathers and mother are much more than atingle with anticipatory delight. I think they're bloody burning up!

Hey, Bun: This is, hopefully, one of the most difficult times you will ever have to live through. It's the #$@%&! The best news is that it doesn't last forever. Even better? When it's over, you will be amazed at the light that will be imbuing all of the world around you!

Just know that you are loved to BITS!

thephoenixnyc said...

Wow, Johnny F-ing Mathis. That's hardcore.

You might want to warm up with a little Bing Crosby to break it in easy.

K said...

oh i don't mess around with my christmas music...go hard or go home.