Monday, November 07, 2005

can't you read the signs?

Exactly what about "don't use engine retardar brakes" do these truckers NOT understand. They CLEARLY don't live near a main road that trucks drive on and use the aforementioned brakes in blatant disregard. SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UUUUUPPPPP!!!!

And while I'm at it, whoever smokes in this NON-SMOKING building...PLEASE STOP! Perhaps you as a smoker don't appreciate what it is to be a non-smoker who can't stand the smell of the smoke and who is actually quite bothered by it. Perhaps you don't realize that smoke rises...and we are on the top floor and end up with your pollutants. How difficult is it to go outside. And by going outside I do not mean stand in the doorway with the door open blowing your smoke in the general direction of outside.

Thank you, that is all.


kris said...

*unrelated comment*

Hey Kristen, I know it's been raining alot, but apart from the rain do you notice it's generally more humid and dreary? Wait till you find out what wet cold is like. You'll learn to appreciate the "yeah it's cold, but it's a dry cold" comments that Ontarians make when they get to Calgary.

On the bright side though, you are closer to the centre of the universe.

K said...

I have noticed that. And the sky is different. It's not as blue, there is more of a haze...Already I notice the "damp cold" and it's not even cold "for realsies" yet. It's going to be a scary few months I tell you. I expect Calgary to be in full Chinook force when I get there. Ok, it can wait until the 26th to be full Chinook.

BTW-we are up for a potential rendez-vous in Kingston if it isn't too risky when it comes to us potentially missing our flight.

kris said...

Actually, you guys missing your flight was all part of the plan.