Wednesday, November 30, 2005


So last week I was increadibly jealous of the weather in Calgary. There was some sort of super-chinook and it was between 15 and 20 degrees most days while it was snowing and windy and cold here.
Well today it was +17 here....unfortunately, it was also raining like you wouldn't believe. But considering the fact that Calgary had snow, I'll take it. I'm pretty sure it will be the last time we see temperatures over 0 for awhile. I had better get used to it...

(oh yeah, I've already noticed the extensions that have been put on the fire hydrants so that they are easily seen in snowbanks...oy vey.)

Monday, November 28, 2005

retail therapy

It’s not quite as satisfying when you don’t actually buy anything, but still quite fun none the less.

I decided that I needed a little fun time today so after applying for some jobs, I made myself presentable (my shirt has a collar on it…woohoo) and hit the Rideau Centre for some window shopping/Christmas looking. (and by Christmas looking, I mean, seeing if anything caught my eye for gift giving). I tried on shoes too. Oh shoes, how I love thee.

Anyway, I managed to escape after buying just what I knew I needed to get (some cards, lotion…that kind of stuff) and felt remarkably good. Though perhaps it was also because I was leaving with the knowledge that when I got home, I would get to eat the two shrimp salad rolls and chocolate croissant from Richtree. Originally, the plan was to get a coffee after my trip, but when I walked by the salad rolls and chocolate croissants, I realized it would probably be less than a dollar more to get those versus my coffee and I was sold. So now that I have enjoyed that delicious chocolatey goodness, I am satisfied with my day.

A good start to a week…hopefully it will continue to be a good one.

Saturday, November 26, 2005

feeling bleh...

Well, I'm officially feeling pretty blah. I don't feel much closer to getting a job (though I did just re-vamp my resume and got some cover letter tips). I still haven't really made many friends, it's getting colder and colder and snowier and snowier...I'm finding it a little more difficult to stay positive.
I'm doing some cleaning today and put some christmas music on to try to instill some cheeriness into me (shh...don't tell Jordan, he told me I couldn't start with the christmas music until December 2, but he's not here) and it's working a little bit, though it's also making me miss home as well. Plus, I don't have the Johnny Mathis Christmas album...and that's the "money" christmas CD. (perhaps I should see if I can find it)
In the grand scheme of things, I'm still very lucky. I just have to remember that.

Friday, November 25, 2005


There's only us
There's only this
Forget regret
Or life is yours to miss
No other road
No other way
No day but today

I love musicals...I always have. Growing up I of course loved the disney classics such as Cinderella (I mean what is a disney cartoon but an animated musical anyway...) but my two favourites were Mary Poppins and The Sound of Music (so maybe I just love Julie Andrews? I did watch part of the Princess Diaries on TV the other day just because she was in it). Once I was old enough to care, I HAD to see Cats and The Phantom of the Opera and I am still waiting to see Les Miserables. Miss Saigon has the power to make me cry just by listening to the soundtrack...
So far, Rent has been on my list but I haven't had the opportunity to see it. So I'm very excited that I will get to see it on the "big screen" sometime this winter. It's another that has this power over me...though I think it's becuase I associate the songs with certain people and a certain time in my life.
But yes, I can't wait to see it.

(oh my, I just realized that it's 3 months today that I get married....eeek)

Thursday, November 24, 2005

those who shop at loeb...

...don't floss their teeth.
In the dental supply section I found toothbrushes, toothpaste, toothpicks, those "brush ups" things...but no dental floss. Confusing.
(don't worry, i was shopping for floss as a preventative measure. we still have some left, it's just one of those things that it's hard to tell when you're going to run out so i was trying to be sneaky and buy it before it was too late)

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

i must have been feeling chubby last winter...

Seriously, I really must been feeling fat last winter because pretty much all of my "winter clothes" from last year are too big. I know I have lost some weight since then, but honestly...I was either huge or feeling huge last year. There is no way that I have lost as much weight as my sweaters seem to indicate. If only I knew how to sew, I could transform this sweater I'm wearing into two cute sweaters for the season.
(so in other words, if you are wanting to get me a christmas present this year, perhaps clothes are a good idea)

Monday, November 21, 2005

it's the most wonderful time of the year

I know...I'm a sucker to the soul-less big business. But I love it so much. I had my first Gingerbread latte last week and it brought me great joy. Living away from so many things that are familiar to me, I love walking into Starbucks and smelling the familiar smell and seeing the familiar sights and knowing exactly what my drink will taste like. I also love the red cups. I saw one from a distance at first and Jordan laughed at my glee as I exzlaimed "the christmas cups...the red christmas cups".
Yeah...I'm a dork. But you too can own a bit of the christmas cup all year...Starbucks has come out with a red cup ornament and a "to go red cup to stay" mug.
Mmmmm...gingerbready goodness....

Friday, November 18, 2005

Guffie McSneez

More adventures in downtown Ottawa!

Part of the “rules” about getting married in most churches is that you need to take a marriage prep course. The church we are getting married in is no exception, but of course, we can’t take their course. Being the busy people we are (ok, so we do procrastinate a little too), we have been a little negligent in registering for a course. I finally found a suitable one earlier this week but found out that we had to be registered and they had to have our money by today. After calling the registrar a few times to no avail, I finally found a random person that told me I could come to the office and fill out the form and give them the money.

I don’t think I realized how far away it was, but I made the trek. I was thankful I had my mittens, but I had wished I had worn the touque that covers my whole ears instead of the one that relies on my hair to cover the bottom of them. So we are now successfully registered…woohoo.

On my way back down Queen Street, I saw a sign for an establishment called Guffie McSneez. GUFFIE MCSNEEZ!!! What kind of place could it possibly have been and why on earth would you call it that? But I digress…

In the back of my mind, before I left I though “hey, maybe I should register for OHIP (Ontario health) since I’m going to be out and about. Of course, I didn’t look up the address before I left…that would be too easy. I knew that it was sort of near the main post office by the parliament building, but that was all. After wandering for a bit, I finally decided to look for a phone book. Many a public phone in sight, no phone books. So I entered a random government building and asked for a phone book. Apparently, I can’t work a phone book because I couldn’t find it in there. Now, I had promised myself the treat of a gingerbread latte from Starbucks if I completed all my errands, so I couldn’t just give up. So in a last ditch effort, I went to the post office and hooray for the postman, he knew where it was! So I am now registered for OHIP and my coverage will start in January.

So off to Starbucks…my super girlie/yuppie order was a grande non-fat half sweet no whip gingerbread latte. I found a seat and awaited my order. When I got to the counter after my order had been called, there were two guys standing there making fun of my coffee. I had a little laugh with them and then sat down. They ended up sitting next to me and we ended up chatting it up about many a thing. As it turned out, they were with the Celtic Tenors. One was a singer and the other the music director. They just came in from Edmonton and will be performing in Hull/Gatineau tomorrow night. They told me they’d leave tickets for me at the CD table tomorrow night if I want to go…
The funny thing is, last night we saw the commercial for their show and one of my comments was “at least Il Divo has the looks going for them”. Oops. Funny how things work out.

The music director man actually suggested that I look into jobs in Public relations and Publicity because I seemed outgoing, smart and had a sense of humour. That’s something to think about…though I wouldn’t even know where to start.

Anyway, I’m glad I decided to get my coffee. The question is, will they actually leave tickets…and also, will Jordan even consider going?

Thursday, November 17, 2005


I have some. Perhaps not enough.

I'm going a little crazy with the job situation. I'm kind of stuck. Apparently, the Ottawa job market is a pretty tough one. There are many government jobs, but being governmental and all, apparently they don't exactly work quickly. They also have this crazy new online recruiting system. There are lots of non governmental organizations...but jobs seem to be few and far between. Plus there's the whole "it's who you know" business and unfortunately, I know very few people.

On the other hand, I am more than happy to take a part-time retail type job just to get some money and get myself out of the house. But they are currently hiring seasonal people and really need people around Christmas. I won't be here from December 23-January 2...some of the busiest days in retail. And really, who's going to give the seasonal people the holidays over the long timers? (and the one place who did interview me didn't even call back after the interview to at least tell me they didn't want to go with me...I called them and my messages weren't returned. As Stephanie Tanner would have said: "how rude")

So I feel like I'm between the so called rock and hard place. I think I'll start checking out the temp agencies...

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

i think winter is here...

Official sunset is about 4:30.
It's now cold and damp.
The snow is coming, but we haven't even seen the half of it yet.
I'm pretty sure that winter is well on it's way.
Wish me luck and where can I find some good slippers and mittens?

Monday, November 14, 2005

adventures of the car-less

This is really the first time since I was 17 (when I got my license) that I haven’t had access to a car. No, I have not had a car since I was 17, but I have always at least been able to use one to go to the store etc. so this has been an interesting experience so far.

Today was no different. I can’t stand only having one laundry basket with which to do laundry. I’ve been managing so far, but I find it a frustrating experience…especially considering I have to go up and down 4 flights of stairs in order to do laundry.

So…today I decided that before I did the 4 loads of laundry that need to be done, I would go to Zellers (remember…the smallest Zellers in the world) and get one.
Zellers isn’t THAT far away, but it’s not just around the corner. On the way, I walked by the Giant Tiger (my all Canadian family discount store) and thought “we do need a few things, and since it is pretty small, if I want to get stuff, I should probably go before Zellers so that I don’t have a big laundry basket with me when I’m in there." So I stocked up on some fantastic, some pseudo j-cloths, Honey Nut Cheerios for $2 and two bags of frozen un-cooked shrimp because it was only $3 a bag. I resisted the urge to buy 5 bags of shrimp because I knew I still had to get to Zellers and back.

On to Zellers…found the laundry basket as well as rubber gloves and a dinosaur treat for Jordan (and hooray for gift cards, it’s like it was all free). Then it came for the walk home. It was windy on the way there, but nothing prepared me for walking through downtown Ottawa with 3 bags of stuff and a laundry basket in the gale force winds that suddenly ripped through the city just as I was walking home. Laundry baskets really catch that wind…I actually feared for the people around me. I’m pretty sure people crossed to the other side of the street in order to avoid me…

It will be a bit of a treat when I go home for christmas and can go to the store without worrying about how much I can carry. Hopefully I remember how to drive ;-)

Saturday, November 12, 2005


So we had our first session for registering for gifts. I kind of had it in the back of my head that it wouldn't be all that perhaps that's why it wasn't. It's a combination of frustration and guilt really. In the 2.5 hours we were there, we had a consulation and managed to pick plates, flatware and a few small kitchen appliances. Woohoo.
We have to go back later in the week to try to improve upon that. I can't wait...

Friday, November 11, 2005

the double episode

Oh no i didn't....
as i was writing the post, i thought "usually i do this in word as not to lose it" and what happens. i lose it because i'm trying to copy it after i'm done just in case the publish post doesn't go well.
i'm sorry...i just can't write it again. aaaaahhhhh.

instead, i will just repeat my last sentence:
Since it's rememberance day, take a little time to be thankful. we are lucky.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

i didn't even know...

The amazing race is a two hour episode tonight...who knew?
For you Calgary types and the rest of you on Mountain starts earlier for you, 9pm.
It looks like papa Paolo needs to be rescued by divers...that's what it implies here (based on the fact that on the commercial, he's the one having some trouble in the water).

Anyway, enjoy the race!

Monday, November 07, 2005

can't you read the signs?

Exactly what about "don't use engine retardar brakes" do these truckers NOT understand. They CLEARLY don't live near a main road that trucks drive on and use the aforementioned brakes in blatant disregard. SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UUUUUPPPPP!!!!

And while I'm at it, whoever smokes in this NON-SMOKING building...PLEASE STOP! Perhaps you as a smoker don't appreciate what it is to be a non-smoker who can't stand the smell of the smoke and who is actually quite bothered by it. Perhaps you don't realize that smoke rises...and we are on the top floor and end up with your pollutants. How difficult is it to go outside. And by going outside I do not mean stand in the doorway with the door open blowing your smoke in the general direction of outside.

Thank you, that is all.

more month long observations

-Ottawans love their Beaver Tails. I very rarely pass the Beaver Tails stand when there isn't a line up.

-It rains here a lot.

-There is a lot of gambling in Ontario. Perhaps I'm just more aware of it now? But it seems to me that there is more advertising for lottery and casinos here.

-When I am thinking about something in French, I am more likely to have someone say "Bonjour" to me on the street. Perhaps there is a French "vibe" that is just common to all people thinking about french.

-The flu shot is free here.

-Shawarma is the Ottawa equivalent to Vietnamese in Calgary. There are Shawarmas a plenty and we have yet to have any Ottawan Vietnamese.

-Rememberance Day is not a holiday...yet it's the biggest ceremony in the country. I just don't get it. Even this year, the year of the Veteran, everyone has to go to work and school.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

month long observations

Well, it's now been a month since I packed up and left my cow-town home. It has gone quicker than I thought it would, but perhaps it's because everything was new and exciting and there has been a lot to do just to organize my life a bit. I still don't have a job, but really, the "hardcore" job search didn't start until October 12th so I still have some hope left. I'm trying to "be patient" but would someone just interview me already? I have had an interview for part time work at a home accessories store...but that doesn't count as much as a different type of interview.
Jordan has been pretty sick with the flu this week. So far, my health has held up...I guess my willing myself healthy has been working. I can't get sick. I think that it wouldn't just be my physical health that suffered if I did get sick. There's a fine line that I'm walking here. I am doing well at still being hopeful about jobs and all that stuff. The sick might just put me over the edge.

Anyway. Here are a few month long observations:

-I miss Safeway. I wonder why the stores haven't made the jump into Ontario? All I know is I miss certain Safeway brand things and just the fact that I know my way around a Safeway store.

-I like the fact that I can walk to two different grocery stores plus a butcher, a fish monger, a fruit store...all that fun stuff. Unfortunately, winter is coming and I won't be enjoying those walks as much.

-Rideau is definitely where the "crazies" hang out (and yes, that is a technical term). Every day there is someone new.

-They love hockey here. I like it.

-The largest visible minority here seems to be people from the french-speaking african countries.

-There is still a "Don Cherry's" bar.

-I'm still noticing a lot of the lighter beers as being the most popular. Keith's is huge. It's hard to find a decent pint of something darker that I love. I'll have to explore the microbrews a bit more.

-The male anchor for the evening CTV news just makes me giggle. You should check him out. I wish you could hear the voice.

That's all for now...perhaps I'll come up with some more later and post them.
I hope y'all have had a great weekend.

Friday, November 04, 2005

go sens go?

So I went to my first Ottawa Senators game I think it was actually the first pro hockey game I’ve been to that wasn’t at the Saddledome…and it felt a little weird. But, the ticket was only $25 so hooray.
Here are some of the things that stuck out:
-That Zdano Chara really is huge. Especially when you’re looking at him next to Martin St. Louis.

-That Daniel Alfredsson is a really good hockey player.

-Sens fans really hate the Leafs. When the out of town scoreboard came up showing that the Leafs had lost, there was a resounding cheer followed by a “Leafs suck” chant that went for at least 20 seconds.

-Sens fans are NOT as loud as Flames fans.

-The Corel Centre is stuck waaaay out off the highway. I bet they’d sell out if it was closer in.

-Deep fried pickles are really quite delicious. (really, how could they not be…I do love pickles)

-When you’re used to hearing “Go Flames Go” you can almost convince yourself that that’s what you’re hearing when you hear “Go Sens Go”.

And there you have it. Hockey in the capital is a good time.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

poor gaghans....

Well, the Gaghans were Philiminated. It was one of those roadblocks that you know will make the difference and that in some ways is just blind luck. Looking for a red bean in a sea of white beans. How much would that suck.

What was revealed in this episode was the reason people don't like the Weavers. When they were yielded, they sat there and bashed each team. One by one, they looked at the pictures of the teams and made fun of them. Then, as the other teams ran by them and said somewhat encouraging words such as "stick with it", the Weavers bitched about them. They seem to have a bit of a superiority complex. They now officially annoy me.

I think the trooper of the episode had to be Marion Paolo once again. I think she wanted to give up...but she didn't. I think her sons (and husband for that matter) are realizing just what a tough cookie she is. Way to go Mama Paolo.

Anyway, I was impressed with the Gaghans, too bad they won't be there anymore.