Friday, October 07, 2005

some things i've noticed so far

-The air is REALLY heavy here. We're closer to sea level, so breathing should be easier, but it doesn't feel that way yet. Perhaps it will soon.

-There is a lot of "Franglais" spoken here...perhaps I don't have to work on my French as much as I thought I would if I can get by with the french/english hybrid.

-The leaves have not yet changed colour. I'll be waiting in anticipitory delight.

-French appears first on the signs.

-Booster juice must not be as popular here because the guy seemed really happy to have our business.

-There is this weird cat house right by the parliament building. It's like a little zoo display but with cats. I wonder what's going on there?

-The department of National defense building is not nearly as impressive looking as the Pentagon. I wonder if Canadian military personnel get a little sheepish when they have to tour american personnel around their HQ.

-I am cautiously optimistic.


Hez said...

Is there a lady that lives in the cat house?? Cause that would be awesome!

The Rev said...

Is there a dead, half-eaten-by-cats-lady in the cat house?? Cause THAT would be awesome!

Was TAR on this week? What night? We kept looking but never found it. Update?

revswife said...

You DO know what a cat house is right? Uh because lots of ladies should be working there....can you take some pics? I am curious about it. You are having such a neat landing.