Wednesday, October 26, 2005

panama...who'd have thunk?

I was so pleasently surprised when we were told that they'd be flying to Panama City (it was pointed out that they meant Panama City opposed to Florida. Who knew there was a Panama city Florida?). I don't think I was the only one...the teams seemed to be itching to get out of the country as well!
We had canals, baseball, guys named Ricardo...and yet, it was still a little boring. Is it the 4 person team? Is it the kids? Has the show lost it's spunk, it's zsa zsa zsu? I just don't know.

We had the Paolos finishing first becase of the Fast Forward...I know we all wanted the woman to just throw herself off that platform and allow her son to scream like a girl for his mommy...Instead, she was the mature one and allowed her son to step up and face his fear. Still, he screamed like a girl and we loved it. Hmmm...I just noticed that the older son is actually 24. TWENTY FOUR and he's still treating his mother like that? I hope he learns his lesson.

The Weavers did pretty well for themselves. Found some Toucans, Macaws and other birds...They must be really weird or mean "off camera" in the scenes the editors choose not to show us because the other teams seem to truly hate them. Now, they do seem a little odd, but I there must be more to it than we are seeing.

I still love the Bransens. They can't speak spanish worth a damn, but they are still having fun. Hopefully they don't disappoint me and start turning into raging lunatics.

The Linzes are still cracking me up as well. I wonder if they have what it takes to win? I think that she forgets that the camera is on...she seems to say what she's thinking just a little too liberally.

We saw a bit of the killer instinct coming out in the Gaghans this week. As their boat was going the wrong way and the Pepsi machine was blocking the road, you could tell their competitive edge was just bursting to get out. Kudos for not completely losing it in front of the kids.

And the sisters were saved by the non-elimination. And they came in wearing underpants on top of pants on top of underpants...which according to Phil is illegal in Panama. The real question: is it illegal in the game? They are the first to pull off the multiple layers of clothing into the next leg. The rule seems to be "with the clothes on your backs and your passports". We'll see.

I just don't understand why they insist on putting the no money rounds in the poor countries. I know that it makes it more difficult for the teams, it's more of a punishment...but I have a problem with rich people asking poor people for money. Hopefully there are plenty o' rich Panamanians and tourists to help them. No begging from the people who are already doing without.

Next week? More Central America? I hope so.


Hez said...

An unrelated comment, but we had a message from a certain _______ studio saying that a certain ________ dress is in! I called back for you explaining what was going on.

K said...

awww....perhaps you shouldn't have told me. now i want to go now...

Hez said...

Sorry... I was just so excited! I just about jumped up and down for you!

(you needed to put more ooowwwww's in your "now", so that it was more like "I want an oompa loompa NOOOOOWWWWWWWWW!")

Hez said...

I forgot to comment on the amazing race... I LOVED how people kept shouting "alto alto"... does that mean "faster" in another language that I'm not aware of?

I was kind of falling asleep, but I remember thinking to myself half dazed "screaming for the cab driver to be taller isn't really going to help you any!"

Maybe I was just on crack. Or perhaps I'm just a huge spanish snob. (cause I'm SO good at it and everything).

K said...

I think you are on crack. I seem to remember a lot of Arriba and Andale...but not alto... Perhaps they kept seeing Aldo stores and really wanted some shoes...

Hez said...

They were syaing arriba and andele as well, but I'm pretty sure SOMEONE saying alto a lot. Who knows.

Anonymous said...

Paolo Family-I'm not a huge fan of them, I don't like how the son is always yelling at his mom.
Weaver Family-I don't know what it is about this family but I just don't care for them much.
Bransen Family-I really like them and want them to win.
Linz Family-I find them funny and I don't mind them.
Gaghan Family-I don't mind them, I find the kids funny. I haven't seen them lose their cool at all in the race till this show.
Godlewski Family-This family is okay, I find they drive me crazy sometimes but I don't mind them. I thought it was funny when they came running to the mat with all their clothes on.
I heard from a guy I work with that this year the people on The Amazing Race come to Calgary. The guy said they've already come and gone. If this is true, that would be so cool!!!