Wednesday, October 19, 2005

now i love the mailman too!

Sorry Steve, not you, but my mailman DOES have some fun facial hair; a big fat moustache.
Anyway, I got my mystery package in the mail today. I have the bestest sister in the world. THANK YOU HEATHER!
The colours are in a different order than in was surprising. But now not only do I have that to play with, but it came in bubble wrap. And everybody likes bubble wrap.
Perhaps I'll give it to Jordan to play with though because he is jealous that I had two packages in the mail and he had none. (apparently #2 is supposed to come tomorrow. i'm excited)


Hez said...

I'm glad it came... that was super quick too! I just got it on Sunday! Yeah it was from a different seller, so I figured it would be different. I'm glad you like it!

Say hi to the mailman tomorrow!

Hez said...

I forgot to say that you SHOULD give Jordan the bubble wrap... I would say his sister doesn't love him as much as I love you, but I GUESS since she has a new baby and all, she SORT OF has an excuse for not sending him things. I GUESS! Tell him that it is my gift to him.

Tomorrow's package includes things for both of you, but ONLY if you want to share. And the 2 things go together... they aren't to separate things. (I can't tell you more without giving away what's inside!) And I wrapped it with that paper on purpose but the lady at the post office made me put it in an envelope. So take off the envelope and pretend it came like that, and look for your on screen boif on the paper.

Hez said...

and by to separate things, I mean TWO separate things.

Hez said...

anything come yet today?? I'm a tingle with anticipatory delight!

K said...

Just bank mail for Jordan yesterday...perhaps today.