Saturday, October 22, 2005

my old jeans

I don't know if you folks are familiar with the diet Pepsi commercial that is out right now...the one where the thing he wants that will help him feel young is his old jeans. There is a scene in it where the pants need to come off...and due to their tightness, the only way to get them off is for him to hold onto the headboard while his wife tries to pull them off of him...
I had these jeans when I was younger. I would say I was about 9 or was a time when tapered jeans were pretty much all you could buy in the stores. I certainly didn't have them because I needed to be cool, I was pre-cool. But they were the taperedest jeans around and I think they were from JC Penny. They had these two bows at the bottom of each leg, at the back. They made them even more tapered I think.
They were really easy to get on. Not so easy to get off. My sister used to have to pull them off me while I hung on to the bunkbeds for dear life.
Every time I see that commercial I have a good laugh about the bow jeans...I'll tell you right now, even though the taper seems to be making a new comeback, I'm willing to be anti-fashion if it means I can take my own pants off...


Hez said...

I'm sitting here at work hysterical with laughter. People are coming up to the counter and I am crying crying crying because I am remembering those jeans and our mission-impossible every night. I think of your jeans when I see that commercial too.

Now didn't you have some jeans that were just as tapered, but had zippers at the bottom? Or was that someone else? I bet someone complained that they couldn't get them off, so the jeans company had a board meeting and decided to put zippers on them. Clever.

Tapered jeans are UGLY. There's no getting around that. But what's worse, is that they make peoples feet look incredibly HUGE, and peoples asses look equally as huge. Why on earth did that fashion horror come back? I can deal with the leg warmers, I can deal with the sideways off the shoulder t-shirts (which I kind of like actually), I can even deal with the horrific huge chunky plastic earrings, but I can not, and will not deal with tapered jeans.


that was kind of a long comment. I'm bored. What can I say

K said...

Ummm...the zippered ones were also mine.
Man I had some bad pants.

revswife said...

Um...I had some green zippered ones. I am so sorry to admit it. I had to lay down on the bed and use a coat hanger to get into them (they were a size 6 come on!).
I too laughed OUT LOUD at this post. Thank you so much.
I don't know why oh why they ever bring back the horrors of bad fashion. They need to burn those patterns and never bring them back...EVER.
I am still giggling with giddyness at the thought of you clinging to the rails of the bunkbed pulling off those jeans. Ha ha ha ha ha.

Hez said...

I've gone back to your post multiple times today and every single time I start laughing out loud. People are starting to wonder... That shit's funny to me!

thephoenixnyc said...

I still think its more fun when someone else take sthem off for you.

Chrissy & Brian said...

I LOVE that commercial. Makes me laugh every time.
Big B