Friday, October 14, 2005

the comes in bags

I remember back in the day...we had these strange jugs. They didn't have lids and they held milk. The blue one was for skim milk, the orange one was for 2%. They held the said milk in bags. These bags of milk were delivered in one larger bag by the milkman. This was in the 1980s.
At some point, we switched from bags to cartons and slowly, the bags disappeared from the stores and so did the milkman. Now, you go to the milk section of a grocery store in Alberta and you see cartons and large 4L plastic jugs. I figured that's what all of Canada was like.
But no...the milk here, it is in bags. It must be part of the retro chic movement or something.


revswife said...

Steve had never seen milk in bags until we had moved to Ontario. Weird. It was a huge part of my memories as a child. I can remember dropping an unopened bag on the floor and holding my breath thinking that the whole thing would explode, but it never did.

Hez said...

Brad's mum still uses milk in bags... I remember thinking it was SO weird since I, too, thought that no one used them anymore.

Evey said...

Milk in bags.....interesting. I remember using those stupid HUGE milk bags to put in the milk machines at camp. I dropped my share of those and yet they never broke.