Monday, October 31, 2005

je me souviens

Yesterday, we decided that it was time for Jordan's first trip to Quebec and my journey back to my mother's homeland ;-) The Museum of Civilization is just accross the pont Alexandra bridge in Hull and it's half price on Sundays, so off to Quebec we went...on foot. (I feel like we walked all day, but after the giant montreal smoked meat sandwich I had for lunch, perhaps it was a good thing to be walking all day). Anyway, the sun was was a little windy but not too was a lovely day for a Quebecois experience.
Even as we crossed the bridge, we started to feel like we wanted a distinct society, like drinking wine and smoking, like separating from the rest of the country and like toasting Lucien Bochard, Gilles Duceppe and Jaques Parizeau .
Instead, we just went to the museum the home of the Canadian Postal Museum!!! Who knew?
It's weird though, it really did feel different. The traffic lights were different, the signs were a little was a little unexpected.

Below are the pictures from the big Quebec trip (that lasted all of 3 hours)...the first is the view from our doorstep. There was no "Bienvenue au Quebec" sign so we had to settle for one of Jordan with the Quebec Flag.

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