Monday, October 10, 2005


Well, we're in our place. They wanted us to move in Sunday as opposed to Saturday, but we had to return the truck on Saturday. Because of that, we moved into a dirty apartment. Yuck. We spent a good deal of time cleaning on Saturday, some time cleaning on Sunday and I know what we'll be doing most of today. Fun fun fun.

Other than that, the only complaint is the horrid shade of blue they painted the walls. When Jordan was told the walls were going to be painted, we were both quite happy with that. No one thought to ask them what colour...we figured it would be the same colour that was already in the apartment: white. While not ideal, white would do. Unfortunately, we've got blue. Not nice blue...a watered down "nursery" version of blue. It makes the place feel and seem colder. Seriously people...when painting living spaces, why on earth would you want cool shades??? Unless they are nice cool shades of course.
We are going to price out a browny-taupe colour and ask if we can repaint. I don't think they are going to like us much.

I thought of something nasty a little earlier this morning. I think they have rats here in Ontairo. I've been so spoiled in Alberta. The only rats around are those that are being tortured in scientific and psychologial experiments (much like I had to do in my last year of my degree). There might be random rats around here. Yikes.

Anyway...that's enough rambling about nothing. Happy Thanksgiving to you all (though I imagine most of you had turkey last night...we did).


revswife said...

Well, that is disapointing. Yuck! Why anyone would choose those colours is beyond me. Gross. Hopefully you are allowed to repaint. Good luck with that.
Happy Thanksgiving. Glad you are blogging regularly.

Evey said...

Happy Thanksgiving!! Glad to hear you are arrived in one piece.

K said...

at the moment we are getting some wireless internet for free. we'll get our own hookup this week sometime i think.