Wednesday, October 12, 2005

i think i understand why my mum hates shopping

Let me start by saying that I now know where the smallest and oldest Zellers in Calgary (and by Calgary, what I mean is Canada) is: 156 Sparks St. Ottawa, Ontario.
I should have known before I walked in...the sign was actually etched out of the stone on the building. No red neon sign here. But I though it would be like most Zellers I've been in before. Not so much. There were no carts in this Zellers. Why? There's no way they'd fit between the aisles. I barely fit between the aisles.
Most of the seasonal stuff was on the main floor, but I was looking for drawer liners, a bathmat and a dish mat thingy, so I had to venture downstairs. No windows, low ceilings, no room. I could barely move through the aisles to find what I needed. And of course there were people everywhere. Why? I do not know. Perhaps they were all hoping that if they hung out on Sparks Street they'd catch a glimpse of Bruce Cockburn and his pretty earrings....
But yes. This is how I imagine shopping was like when my mum started shopping. Horrible.
And they didn't have drawer liners. I was told that the "bigger" Zellers would have them, but this store did not.
But do not fear, we took the bus to Kanata to find a WalMart and found ourselves some drawer liners. (I know, you were worried).

My next item of business? Can I get my Bernard Callebaut dark chocolate bars here in Ottawa...(oh right, and find a job)


Hez said...

do you mean Canada? I think you mean Canada. If not, I am VERY confused.

You are funny.

K said...

Umm yes. I mean Canada