Wednesday, October 19, 2005

the amazing family vacation

As you can guess, I haven't really been as enthusiastic about this season of the Amazing Race as I have in past seasons. Mostly because they've stayed in the US so far. I would probably be "for" the family edition if they were still racing around the world. But so far, just the continental united states...wooohooo. Though according to Phil's scenes from next episode, they finally leave the good ole USA next week. I wonder where they'll go: Mexico or Canada?

That being said, there are always things to love and loathe about episodes. For one, I have to say that I'm enjoying the Pert Plus family (the Bransens...apparently, they were in a shampoo commercial once upon a time). They seem like genuinely nice people who are in it to have fun, but still push it. I mean who else moons another team just for the sheer enjoyment of it? Plus, they cheer everyone else along.

I'm still not a big fan of the Paolo family...but I think that perhaps they are just in that teenaged family dynamic. I don't think they realize how awful they are being to their mother. Now that they've pulled themselves close to the top of the heap, perhaps they will calm down a bit.

The Linzs are fairly fun to watch...I like that the guys love the Bransen girls. That poor sister just has to listen to these guys fawning over the blonde girls. I bet that's what her whole life has been...

The sisters fight like only sisters can. Their voices drive me crazy.

The Weavers are a little weird, but that too makes sense. They are still adjusting to the death of the "head" of their family. Though they tend to get on my nerves a bit, I give them kudos for facing the fear and riding that silly party bike around the track. I kind of wish it HAD been a race car...but no dice.

Mama and Papa Gaghan are tough cookies. I really think that the only reason this team is still in the race is because those two are really good athletes. The kids DO contribute...but there's just no way they'd still be around if they were in the shape that the Paolo parents are in. She is crazy tough and they are setting great examples for their children. I feel bad for the boy though. While the little one couldn't even reach the pedals for the party bike, he was pedalling like mad and then could barely keep up to the rest when they had to run back to the car...he's a little trooper.

I hate to say it, but I was glad that the Schroeders were eliminated. I just don't really like them. Their first reaction to hearing that they had to go to a motor speedway was to make fun of the Weavers because their dad died at a track and they must be freaking out. WHO DOES THAT? (contrast that with the Bransens that seemed to actually feel bad that it would upset the Weavers). That Stassi was right that being in your own backyard is the kiss of death though...bye bye Schroeders.

And week, they leave the states...hooorrraaaaaay.

(oh yes, and last week, Phil gave an exceptional eyebrow moment...I loved it.)


Evey said...

Chris and I love the amazing race and usually never miss it. This season however i have not been able to get into.

Hez said...

I'm also finding it pretty lame-o. Though I wanted to know if that family still had a home. I thought that we deserved to know! I also like the daughters and father team the best... they are so nice to the other teams and that dad is way too cute! I hope they win. (And FREE gas from last time they won... that's worth going on the race for sure!)

By the way... can I JUST tell you that I filled up for 89.9 today at Centex??? Good ole Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays with extra cheap gas. The light has been on since Sunday night but I persevered! $45 for a fill up! It hasn't been that cheap for months!