Tuesday, October 25, 2005

all the time in the world...

So now that I have all the time and energy in the world to go out with friends and meet them for lunch and make plans...I can't. I don't really have any.
I think I now understand that whole "you don't know what you've got till it's gone" thing. I always thought I was one of those people who lived in the day and really appreciated it all. But alas, I didn't fully appreciate my friends while I was around.
Just so y'all know...I love you and I miss you. If you've got an extra 6 hours and $500, feel free to stop by for lunch.


Hez said...

I miss you too!!!

(I don't know if I count as a friend, but I'm pretending that I do!)

kris said...

Hey, if you're around b/w Dec. 22 - Jan 2 Lynn & I would love to get together for lunch, or any other meal for that matter. We'll even bring a pocket dictionary!

Hez said...

We got your package today! thanks!
I think I'll have to wait until x-mas to start reading it since I have so much crap to read for school, but I'm excited for it!

By the way, you aren't the one who's supposed to be sending us packages! You are supposed to be GETTING them!!!


Dee said...

I miss you too!!!! I was thinking of you lots tonight watching the amazing race....I bet you were hoping that dork would chicken out of the bungee jump as much as I was!

And they went to Panama as their first destination outside the US!! 17 more sleeps!!

K said...

Kris- can you make it on the 22nd? We both leave for "home" on the 23rd. I'm back on the 2nd and he's back on the 3rd. I'm guessing that the 22nd is your flying day though. Boo. I bet we'll pass eachother in the air or something.

Dr. Papa said...

What can I say? We didn't do it often enough - going out to lunch. However, now that I can't do it at the drop of a hat, I yearn for it!

I look forward ot being able to atleast try one luncheon outing when you're home at Christmas.

I have been trying to find a conference or something like that to attend in Ottawa. I would be happy to have others come too....you have a new nephew to know!

I hope to meet him soon!

Love you!