Friday, September 09, 2005

random stuff on a friday

-It is rainy and it is cold. I know I'm not supposed to like weather like this, but for some reason, today I do. Perhaps because it fits my mood.

-I really have a lot to do before I move. I should make a list or something because I don't think I fully understand how much there is to do and how many days I have to do these things.

-The car is getting close to needing gas. I wonder how much it is going to cost to fill it up...gas was still 97 or so the last time we filled up. I'm a little frightened.

-I really don't have much inspiration today, but felt the need to post something.

Have a great weekend!


The Rev said...

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K said...

is this fake comment spam? I'm so confused...

The Rev said...

Wuah ha ha.

Evey said...

Great....Steve is our new spammer? Dang and he can get past the word veri!!