Thursday, September 22, 2005

let's hear it for the department of homeland security

As some of you know, my sister, my dad and I have dual citizenship for the US and Canada. My dear old dad was born in the US of A so H-mo and I get to be "bi". Hooray. We figured it might be useful someday, so why the heck not.

This year, we all had to renew our Canadian passports, and Heather had to renew her American (because I guess if you get your passport when you're under 16 it's only good for 5 years, but once you're 16 it's good for 10). All's well.

We get pictures, we renew the Canadian passports first.
A week later, the little Canada Post tags come saying we have registered mail that requires ID and an's our passports, we pick them up at the post office, show ID, sign.

Last week, Heather goes to the American consulate, has quite the ordeal with security and having to check her bag, put her purse through an x-ray machine, has everything in the purse scrutinized...made to feel like a criminal.
Fast forward to today.
What comes in the mail? An envelope, easily identifiable as containing a passport, return address as the American Consulate...REGULAR MAIL. No security...nothing.
So so strange.


revswife said...

Can't trust the post!

K said...

or the

Hez said...

Can't trust anyone! I'm lucky someone didn't steal it, pose as me, kill a hole bunch of people and then get I arrested and rot in jail for eternity!

Like you said K, I get everything short of a strip search going to GET the fricken passport, yet it comes in some floppy envelope with the outline of a passport on it. I don't really understand!

On a lighter note, I look like I'm high in the picture. It's quite amusing!