Wednesday, September 28, 2005

it has begun...

So as I’m sure all of you know (and were watching right?), the Amazing Race started yesterday. The question some might have is “Why change something that works?” That I don’t know…the teams of four and the “family edition” are a bit of a mystery to me. But in some ways it is working for me.

I fear however that the rumours of a North American race may be coming true. I noticed that Phil did not mention that this was a race around the world in his little opening speal…Last week, I heard that they may be sticking to North America for this family race. And really, it makes a bit of sense…it’s tough enough to get teams of two on flights, now there are four. Plus, think of how expensive it would be. Add that with the possibility of just one big whine fest from jetlagged kids, and perhaps the producers really do know what they are doing. Unfortunately, part of the appeal for me is the “exotic” destinations…we’ll see how it plays out.

Now, for those of you who are big geeks and take the occasional glance at some of the forums that are out there for TAR (Television Without Pity is my forum of choice) you may or may not know that the fans love Phil. They especially love Phil’s eyebrow. Now Phil knows this…he has posed for many a picture in which he was asked to do “the eyebrow”. So if any of you have the episode on tape, check out the good 5 seconds of eyebrow he gives right before he gives the go-ahead to start the race. That Phil...he loves his fans. The eyebrow gets a big thumbs up.

Ok, so I was worried that the young children would be annoying. Clearly I had forgotten that teenagers are more likely to drive you crazy…what was I thinking? I was ready to throttle the kids in the Paolo family. The way they were treating their mother was killing me. That’s when I realized the downfall of the Family Edition for me…Families in which people treat each other like crap.

Luckily there were plenty of little heartwarming family moments to make up for them. One of my favourite parts was watching a dad get his child unstuck from the mucky riverbank. He just grabbed him out and was all “don’t worry, sometimes these things happen”. And that is why the only good thing about the Black family being eliminated is that the potential for accidental racism has been eliminated.
I was actually sad to see them go. The looks on those boys’ faces were heartbreaking. (those boys are going to be gorgeous when they are older…you can just tell). I wonder if the kid Philiminations were the hardest for our friend Phil?

Anyway, that’s how I saw it.

Oh wait, I forgot one of the best parts...A cameo by former racers Kevin and Drew from season 1. Now perhaps another team noticed and they didn't show it, but it looked like only 1 team recognized them. I guess it makes sense since the show was still more popular in Canada than the US at that point.
That is all...


Hez said...

When was the cameo??

K said...

They were the ones selling the hot dogs...
"Do you have a Frank?"

thephoenixnyc said...

Oh boy, here we go again. ; )

revswife said...

My favorite part was when the littlest kids said "Mom and dad we are wicked proud of you guys. I just wish I could do more to help out"
This was when the parents were pulling the buggies. My heart swelled! I was so proud of those kids! They were not whiny in the least. I however could not make it much farther than that in the episode. Much too late for me. What time will it be on now?

Hez said...

I think I missed that frank part... I also didn't watch the first season much, so I might not have noticed.
Revswife I also loved that part. Those kids were SO great and so positive. I really hope they do well!
K I hated that mean family too... Way to show the world you respect your mother/wife!

And frankly I'm pretty disappointed that it's not a race around the world. I might not be as enthusiastic about this season... There isn't THAT much difference in the cultures in the states... I mean, a mennonite ranch, a hutterite ranch, a regular ranch, a city, another city, more cities, the ocean, blah blah blah it's not like it's all that different.

I may be pleasantly surprised, but so far, so so.

(and I realize that I probably spelled mennonite and hutterite wrong... sorry)

The Rev said...

That dude at the end had the best beard!