Friday, September 30, 2005

randomness on a friday

-This is my last Friday at work…and in the city. I don't know when I will have an internet connection so this might be my last random Friday post for awhile.

-I had some great times with some friends last night. I will miss them.

-The flag is at half mast again. Once again, I have no idea why.

-I had forgotten that Mexican president Vicente Fox was on campus yesterday…I would have tried to catch a glimpse.

-Life is so unpredictable and precious.

-I can’t believe this time has come so fast. I hope I get everything done in time for the truck coming tomorrow.

-5 more days!

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

it has begun...

So as I’m sure all of you know (and were watching right?), the Amazing Race started yesterday. The question some might have is “Why change something that works?” That I don’t know…the teams of four and the “family edition” are a bit of a mystery to me. But in some ways it is working for me.

I fear however that the rumours of a North American race may be coming true. I noticed that Phil did not mention that this was a race around the world in his little opening speal…Last week, I heard that they may be sticking to North America for this family race. And really, it makes a bit of sense…it’s tough enough to get teams of two on flights, now there are four. Plus, think of how expensive it would be. Add that with the possibility of just one big whine fest from jetlagged kids, and perhaps the producers really do know what they are doing. Unfortunately, part of the appeal for me is the “exotic” destinations…we’ll see how it plays out.

Now, for those of you who are big geeks and take the occasional glance at some of the forums that are out there for TAR (Television Without Pity is my forum of choice) you may or may not know that the fans love Phil. They especially love Phil’s eyebrow. Now Phil knows this…he has posed for many a picture in which he was asked to do “the eyebrow”. So if any of you have the episode on tape, check out the good 5 seconds of eyebrow he gives right before he gives the go-ahead to start the race. That Phil...he loves his fans. The eyebrow gets a big thumbs up.

Ok, so I was worried that the young children would be annoying. Clearly I had forgotten that teenagers are more likely to drive you crazy…what was I thinking? I was ready to throttle the kids in the Paolo family. The way they were treating their mother was killing me. That’s when I realized the downfall of the Family Edition for me…Families in which people treat each other like crap.

Luckily there were plenty of little heartwarming family moments to make up for them. One of my favourite parts was watching a dad get his child unstuck from the mucky riverbank. He just grabbed him out and was all “don’t worry, sometimes these things happen”. And that is why the only good thing about the Black family being eliminated is that the potential for accidental racism has been eliminated.
I was actually sad to see them go. The looks on those boys’ faces were heartbreaking. (those boys are going to be gorgeous when they are older…you can just tell). I wonder if the kid Philiminations were the hardest for our friend Phil?

Anyway, that’s how I saw it.

Oh wait, I forgot one of the best parts...A cameo by former racers Kevin and Drew from season 1. Now perhaps another team noticed and they didn't show it, but it looked like only 1 team recognized them. I guess it makes sense since the show was still more popular in Canada than the US at that point.
That is all...

Monday, September 26, 2005

100 things

I saw this on Noggin Bits and thought I'd give it a try.
So here are my 100 things:
1. I am a klutz.
2. I bruise easily.
3. The combination of 1 and 2 is not a good one.
4. I bought my first item of pink clothing this year.
5. My two biggest fears are failure and that I won’t live up to my potential.
6. I have an abnormally long big toe.
7. Though perhaps I just have abnormally short “other” toes.
8. I have lived in the same city for 25 years.
9. That makes me feel old.
10. About 5 years ago (maybe 6?) I was told I could have a spot in the Alliance of Miami Winterguard for the year.
11. I had knee surgery instead.
12. That winter I met Jordan…see how things work out?
13. When I was about 5, I wished my name was Chrystal. (I’m not sure why)
14. I love to read.
15. I often feel guilty about things that I can’t do anything about.
16. I can’t stand putting on an item of clothing if it’s not ironed.
17. Underwear is the exception.
18. It freaks me out a little when I’m packing to go somewhere and I’m not sure if there will be an iron (I have considered packing my own).
19. I hang most of my clothes to dry.
20. I LOVE dark chocolate.
21. I haven’t been swimming in at least a year (perhaps more).
22. I dye my hair.
23. My hair is VERY straight.
24. I don’t know if I am going to change my name come February.
25. I would like to get a Pug one day.
26. I will name it Sigmund.
27. I wish I could take days like today and put them in a bottle so that I can bring them out in the middle of winter.
28. I often wonder if the guys at the bottle depot are ripping you off.
29. I have never eaten a Big Mac.
30. I’m hoping to run into Jack Layton (leader of the New Democrats) in Ottawa.
31. I really like mystery books.
32. I’ve switched to diet coke and pepsi…I now find the regular stuff too sweet.
33. I am more sensitive than most people realize.
34. My least favourite colour of Skittle is yellow – sometimes I even throw them out rather than eat them (only if there’s no one to share them with though).
35. I have had 2 pets names Tacha; a cat and a dog.
36. Tacha the cat “went to live on a farm” just like Monica and Ross’s dog on Friends.
37. My sister and I had to take Tacha the dog to the emergency veterinary clinic to have her put down on Thanksgiving weekend when my dad was out of town.
38. I love flowers…I wish they weren’t so expensive.
39. My ID says my eyes are brown but I like to think they are hazel (there’s a lot of green in them…too much to be brown).
40. One of the first “adult” songs I remember hearing is “American Pie” by Don Maclean.
41. It makes me angry that life is so unfair.
42. I used to be allergic to red shellfish.
43. Now I can eat it to my heart’s content.
44. I was a pretty big band geek.
45. Because of that, I’m a world champion (yeah…take that).
46. I love musicals.
47. I don’t like it when people touch my neck.
48. My first car was a blue Nissan Multi.
49. I like Dill Pickle flavoured chips.
50. Lays makes the best ones.
51. I like beer.
52. I really do like watching hockey…I have since junior high.
53. I like playing Trivial Pursuit.
54. There was a year of my life that I had a headache every day.
55. I was proposed to in a parking lot.
56. I like bacon.
57. Birds scare me.
58. So do black dogs.
59. My grandma cracks me up.
60. Once upon a time, I was a little jealous that my cousins got to go to private school and I didn’t.
61. I’ve slept in a teepee.
62. I think I watch too much TV.
63. I’m sensitive to caffeine…it makes me jittery.
64. I was the girl that was often mistaken for a boy.
65. I’m fairly short torso-ed.
66. I like spicy food a lot more than I used to.
67. I really liked the movie “About a Boy”
68. I wish I owned it.
69. I enjoy most of the ethnic foods I’ve tried.
70. Ethiopian has been my least favourite.
71. Cupcakes are little pieces to heaven.
72. I’ve read each of the Harry Potter books more than once.
73. I love Christmas.
74. I’m going to miss the Bragg Creek area…it’s gorgeous.
75. I’ve always wished I could draw.
76. I started to like wine in Ajijic, Mexico.
77. Salsa and plain potato chips make a delicious snack.
78. I like snacks.
79. I used to lie about my weight…now I’m not 100% sure how much I weigh so it doesn’t matter.
80. Technically, Jordan and I met in a bar.
81. I’ve stayed on a sailboat for a week…without getting sick.
82. I like cats.
83. I went to a New Kids on the Block concert when I was 11.
84. The next “big” concert I went to after that was Korn.
85. I really like the new Dove ads and their campaign for real beauty.
86. I haven’t really felt all that pretty until the last couple of years.
87. I still have my days though…
88. I’ve always wanted to go to Greece.
89. The prescription for my left contact lens is -7.00
90. I like watching Jeopardy partially because my grandma used to make me watch it.
91. I love mittens.
92. Mangos are delicious.
93. I really like food.
94. I have a hard time spelling the word “carrot”.
95. I hate the name Wanda.
96. I’ve had food poisoning twice.
97. I have a hard time digesting milk products.
98. I don’t really like exercising, but I do it because I have to.
99. I am very grateful that I have so many people that care about me.
100. This took me a really long time

Congratulations if you made it all the way through!

Friday, September 23, 2005

another friday...

-I think it may have happened...I'm finally Survivored out. While I haven't caught every episode of every season, I would estimate that I've seen at least half (if not more) of each season of Survivor. I found myself quite bored watching it last night. This could be the dawning of a new era of Thursday nights...

-If you haven't tried COLD-FX to fight off an oncoming actually works. I was surprised that it lived up to the claims. (it talks about microphages on the could you go wrong?)

-I'm scared for all those people stuck on the highways in Texas.

-I had to do some serious scraping on my car this morning...I can't believe that time has already come. What happened to the summer???

-12 more days...yaaaaaay

I hope the weekend treats you all well!

I found this story and it makes me feel sad. It's doesn't make me angry, just sad.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

let's hear it for the department of homeland security

As some of you know, my sister, my dad and I have dual citizenship for the US and Canada. My dear old dad was born in the US of A so H-mo and I get to be "bi". Hooray. We figured it might be useful someday, so why the heck not.

This year, we all had to renew our Canadian passports, and Heather had to renew her American (because I guess if you get your passport when you're under 16 it's only good for 5 years, but once you're 16 it's good for 10). All's well.

We get pictures, we renew the Canadian passports first.
A week later, the little Canada Post tags come saying we have registered mail that requires ID and an's our passports, we pick them up at the post office, show ID, sign.

Last week, Heather goes to the American consulate, has quite the ordeal with security and having to check her bag, put her purse through an x-ray machine, has everything in the purse scrutinized...made to feel like a criminal.
Fast forward to today.
What comes in the mail? An envelope, easily identifiable as containing a passport, return address as the American Consulate...REGULAR MAIL. No security...nothing.
So so strange.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

in limbo

It's a strange feeling to be in limbo. It's like my life isn't exactly here, but it's not exactly there yet either. I have a million things to do, but it's hard to know what to do and when. I find the whole thing quite exhausting.
It's weird because one second I'm really excited about everything. It's a whole new start. Lots to look forward jobs, new friends, new means life is progressing. But then other times I'm just overwhelmed...everything is changing. I'm leaving my family, my friends...everything familiar. To be "cliche" is a roller coaster right now. Good thing they've always been my favourite rides...

I'm applying for jobs, so think "hire Kristen" thoughts to people in Ottawa.

Friday, September 16, 2005

it IS friday...

Random things to follow....

-I'm not sure I'll be watching this season of Survivor. I'm torn...I really like Stephanie, but it was physically painful for me to watch these people suffer from dehydration. I've spent time in that part of Guatemala. Jordan and I went through at least a litre and a half of water each the day we hit Tikal (the ruins in the opener)...I would guess we even went through more than that.

-Scheduling c-sections...I'm not sure how I feel about that. At the moment, I'm neither for nor against it.

-I've really been in the mood for Indian food lately. Mmmm....channamasala and garlic naan (that is, if channa masala is chickpea curry...that's what I think it is.)

Any other random thoughts out there? (and have a great friday)

Thursday, September 15, 2005


I booked my flight today. (there was a seat sale so I thought I'd better act quickly)
So as of October 5th, I will no longer be an Albertan...

I issue you all this 14 minute challenge. I made it through the whole thing...(my cheeks were aching from laughing so hard). If you can't listen after a minute (which is tough), at least try to scan forward to catch the singing.

are you SURE it's not friday?

This week has felt LONG...I just want to crawl back into bed and sleep for about 3 days.

I think I'll be going into panic mode pretty soon. I had a meeting with the special events manager at out wedding reception place. By the end of it I was feeling just a little anxious about everything that needs to be figured out.
But, things will get done. If it doesn't get done before I leave, it's not the end of the world. I just need to remind myslef of that. It will all be fine (right????).

Isn't it nice that these are the stressors in my life? I am so thankful that I'm anxious about good things...

In other news, Britney is now a mummy. Awwww. Little Preston's first meal: link

Sunday, September 11, 2005

i DO believe in religious freedom but...

I am very happy to read that the Ontario government has rejected the use of Sharia law. I was really worried that it would get passed. I see Canada as a place that muslim women come to escape things like sharia law and I would have had a hard time accepting the fact that it was practiced here.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

i know it's considered bad luck...

It's an old school tradition, I know...but one is not really supposed to give hints about their wedding dress. But I'm not totally old school so perhaps you can all feast your eyes on the inspiration for my wedding dress.
Riiight. Sorry, I just really had to share that awful picture.

Friday, September 09, 2005

random stuff on a friday

-It is rainy and it is cold. I know I'm not supposed to like weather like this, but for some reason, today I do. Perhaps because it fits my mood.

-I really have a lot to do before I move. I should make a list or something because I don't think I fully understand how much there is to do and how many days I have to do these things.

-The car is getting close to needing gas. I wonder how much it is going to cost to fill it up...gas was still 97 or so the last time we filled up. I'm a little frightened.

-I really don't have much inspiration today, but felt the need to post something.

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

i'm feeling a little guilty

I don't think it is the same kind of guilt as survivor's guilt...but it's something similar. Here I am worrying about finding a job in Ottawa and the fact that rent is higher and I have no idea when I will find a job and how much it will pay when there are people who have recently lost everything. They have gone from their normal existance to living in shelters. Many don't know the whereabouts of family memebers and friends. Their jobs don't exist anymore. Their houses don't exist anymore. Their lives as they know them simply don't exist anymore....
It puts my problems and my anxieties into perspective a bit...

Sunday, September 04, 2005

so strange

It's kind of strange to be here without Jordan. It's also strange to think that it probably won't be too long before I leave here as well.
I've never spent more than 6 weeks away from "home".
I'm going to have a new home. Weird. But...that home will be with my favourite person. That's pretty cool.

Friday, September 02, 2005

well crap

I took the GREs today.
It didn't go so well. I freaked out and could barely multiply 6 by 4.
Oh well, it's not the end of the world.
My self worth does NOT rely on the score on a crappy exam that's meant to trick you and seems to exist to make money. (i'm still mad at myself though)