Friday, August 19, 2005

random friday musings

-I am very glad it’s Friday. For whatever reason, I’m exhausted.

-Jordan leaves in 8 days…booo!

-The weather should be nice for the weekend. That’s great news. I’m quite sick of wearing sweaters and being cold in August.

-Have you noticed there has been a distinctive lack of Tom/Katie in the news lately? I am eternally grateful for that, but I truly thought it would take a little longer for people to get sick of hearing about it. Perhaps it was the Britney-BBgun story that people became a little too interested in. Britney was feeling left out wasn’t she?

-I’m hoping to find and order a dress by the end of this weekend. What do you think the chances are?

Have a great weekend! (any other Friday musings?)

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Hez said...

So do I get to come again??