Tuesday, August 16, 2005

happy birthday!!


For those who don't know, Heather is my little sister. She turns 21 today.

Apparently, in 1984, I was extremely excited to have a new brother or sister. In fact, I actually remember parts of August 16th 1984. I waited by the phone AAALLLL day and then came the ever exciting ringing of...not the phone, but the Dickie Dee man (now known as Richard D's). I got some money from my granny and down the street I went to get the purple popsicle with the orange gumball in the middle. It was of course at that moment that my dad called. True to his word, he wouldn't tell Granny whether I had a brother or sister until he told me first. And it all changed from there on in.
Of course the real adventure came a few days later when my dad and I broke down on Deerfoot trail on the way to pick up my mum and sister from the hospital..my first hitchiking experience...but that's enough about that.

Anyway, happy birthday Goob. Despite us wanting to kill eachother on occasion, I'll miss you when I leave.



K said...

hey, i thought this wasn't going to post until midnight...
oh well

revswife said...

Happy Birthday Heather. Can't wait to read your blog!!!!!!

Hez said...

Aww Gee aren't you nice!

Yeah you'll miss me a million times! But I'll miss you too! You're at home right now making my birthday cake, so hopefully it turns out! (Unlike the cake I made you on your birthday!) Love you tons!

And thanks Lori for the happy birthday! You're so sweet!