Thursday, August 25, 2005


This guy has way too much time on his hands.

Ok, so apparently the story won't link...I've tried to fix it but it won't fix. Anyway, he is trying to set a world record for longest time spent continuously rocking in a rocking chair...75 hours. He also holds these records:
100 hours of bowling
Longest time spent standing motionless 21 hours and 30 minutes
Longest modelling on catwalk, 133.2 km
Longest time spent balancing on one foot, 76 hours and 40 minutes
Travelling up and down an escalator continuously for seven days
Longest distance travelled while carrying a 4.5 kg brick in an ungloved hand, 126.675 km
Longest dance marathon, 400 hours
Longest non-stop drumming marathon, 84 hours
Longest non-stop band performance by a 14-strong group of musicians, 42 hours and 52 minutes
Longest distance traveled while balancing a milk bottle on a head, 133.3 km
Longest distance crawled non-stop, 56.6 km
Longest radio DJ marathon, 133.2 km
Longest movie-watching marathon, 53 hours

He also wants to play golf for 100 hours, do karaoke for 100 hours and watch tv for 72 hours. I say go for the rocking and TV records at the same time...


The Rev said...

Link is broken. What gives?

K said...

Hmmm...the link is from the CBC website, perhaps it's all that striking/being locked out that's doing it.