Friday, July 08, 2005

random thoughts for friday

-I never thought I could be so nervous for someone else. Jordan is defending his thesis right now. I've had knots in my stomach all day. (and the minutes feel like they are crawling by...seriously, the last five minutes felt like an hour)

-It is gorgeous out. I'm so glad I'm off today and all of next week. It actually feels like summer!

-I had a pretty horrible day yesterday, but it's hard to really complain considering what went on in the world. Does having a bunch of things go wrong really seem so bad compared to being stuck in the London Underground, unsure of whether you are going to get out alive? No, not really.

-I have a busy weekend coming up...

I hope you are all doing well on this lovely Friday.


Evey said...

Hey isnt your get together of sorts tonight?

How did J do?

Hope you had a better day today than yesterday, have a great weekend!!

Evey said...

wait, thats sunday..oops

K said...

It went well...he passed and all was good. He has a few revisions to do but everyone has to do that.

(and yes, that's sunday, but hey, you remembered there was a "do")