Friday, July 22, 2005

it's friday, and it's randomness

-Remember "fizz" candies? I sure loved them.

-What is with the weather here this week? Everyday we are told it will be sunny. Then it isn't. Maybe it will clear up this evening.

-Looks like Sidney Crosby will be playing in Pittsburg this year. They won the draft lottery. The Flames get the 26th draft pick, but they also get the 35th pick. Maybe they'll pick up some good new talent (go Flames go)

I hope you all have a lovely Friday.


Evey said...

Fizz candies were awesome.

Glad to see someone with a post involving hockey. My hockey post attracted nothing but anti hockey peeps. ha! Chris and I are pretty excited for the season to start!

K said...

I've been a hockey fan for a long time...
This spring seemed so empty without the playoffs. Especially after all the excitement of last season.