Sunday, June 19, 2005

serves me right

I think I jinxed myself. On my way home tonight I was thinking about how Calgary is pretty much safe from natural disasters, so this "state of emergency" that has been declared because of the flooding of BOTH rivers in the city is just weird for us all.

So I got to thinking "I've been pretty safe so far...and now that it's pretty much all over, I'm in the clear...hoooray".

Knowing I had potentially jinxed myself, I went immediately to my room when I got home and checked out the carpet by one of the outside walls. It seemed fine so I breathed a little sigh of relief. A few minutes later I went back into my room, only to notice that when I stepped in some other spots, my socks were a little wet. I figured they must have gotten wet I took my socks off...and yup, water seeping through the carpet. So I have moved my dresser and everything that was sitting on the floor of my closet (including a sweater that is soaking wet and doesn't smell to great). There was a box of stuff in there and the water pretty much destroyed the bottom of the box. Oy.

If my place wasn't a mess before, it sure is now.
I'm just hoping it stays contained to my room and my sister's room...


revswife said...

I am so sorry for you. We are sopping up the water too.Yuck, I can't wait for this rain to be over.

K said...

I think it MIGHT be over....the rain that is.
My landlord just called and he's going to bring in a dehumidifier tomorrow. Hooray.
Hopefully your water situation gets better as well.

Evey said...

Man you guys been getting hammered with that rain hey. Crazy. I guess my dad got evacuated from their place in Drumheller today and they are in Calgary now staying with his wifes son. Crazy, they were told they arent allowed back till Thursday!

K said...

yeah...apparently Drumheller will be seeing the worst of it right about now.
A friend of my sister (who lives there) was saying that in her parent's place when they get floods such as this, their house gets flooded with SEWAGE....
Thank goodness it was just water in my place.