Tuesday, June 28, 2005


So I got this off of a forum that I generally read and thought I’d answer it here. I won’t be mean and do a “tag you’re it”, but feel free to answer in the comments if you so desire.

Which do you prefer?
- Mountains or oceans? I think that living practically in the mountains for my whole life has made me almost immune to them. I am fascinated by the ocean…I’ve always wanted to be near it. But I bet once I’m away from the mountains I will miss them.

- Dogs or cats? Right now, I guess cats. Besides the saving money thing, the only thing I’m looking forward to about moving back in with my mum is the cat.

- Tea or coffee? Mmmm….coffeeeeee

- Dark chocolate or milk chocolate? Dark chocolate for sure

- Diet or regular? Lately it’s diet because I’ve decided that if I’m going to drink pop, I will drink diet.

- Hot or cold weather? I’m sick of cold. Hot!

- Left handed or right handed? I’m right handed, but left eyed and left eared.

- Black ink or blue ink? Blue. I would rather write in red or purple than black.

- Getting up early or late? It depends on how early. I have trouble sleeping in lately. Can I say medium? I think ideally my body would get up around 9 or 9:30.

- Beer or wine? I like both, but if I could only have one for the rest of my life, I’d pick beer.

- Cinema or DVD? The cinema is so expensive…so I guess DVD.

- Bath or shower? Shower…I get too cold in the bath because it’s never big enough.


Evey said...

- Mountains or oceans? This is a tough one. I love the mountains but having spent the last few years on the west coast and now the east coast i have really grown to LOVE the ocean. But I still think if I had to pick I would say mountians.

- Dogs or cats? Dogs
- Tea or coffee? Coffee
- Dark chocolate or milk chocolate? Milk chocolate
- Diet or regular? Diet coke but regular everything else
- Hot or cold weather? Somewhere in between
- Left handed or right handed? Leftie
- Black ink or blue ink? Blue
- Getting up early or late? Early, yet I stay up late
- Beer or wine? I love both as well. I think I would pick beer as well though if i absolutly had to.
- Cinema or DVD? Depends on the movie, some just need to be seen in theatre
- Bath or shower? Bath as long as it includes a good book and a glass of wine. otherwise shower

Evey said...

Hey, i added you to my links. just wondered if thats ok

revswife said...

I am left eared too! I totally get that.
Oceans I do like better although I don't like wearing a swim suit.
Dogs I like better, cats suck!
Dark chocolate absolutely!
Regular pop because diet makes me burp more...well both make me burp, but diet makes it louder and worse.
Cold weather.
Right handed.
Don't care what colour ink I have, crayon works too.
I could sleep forever, do I have to get up...ever?
Wine. Beer tastes the way my kid's pee smells.
DVD. Well actually, cinema. No, I don't know on this one.

The Infamous Sister said...

So I find out NOW that you are part of the blogging cult, and I have to find out from lurking over your shoulder one night while you're brushing your teeth?? I didn't even think that it was yours until I visited it tonight when you're at Chalet Suisse, pretty much my favourite restaurant, without me! I've decided to answer your questions despite feeling so in the dark!!

Oceans for sure, but preferrably the ones with nice beaches. Mountains are nice, but they're nothing exciting to me because I see them everyday.

Cats at the moment too, because I too can't wait to see ours! (and I share your sentiments about the only good thing about moving, though I am excited to have a dishwasher again!)

Coffee, and we probably like the same one the best!

Milk chocolate, so we make a good team when tackling a box!

Diet, again, same as you... I think we need some time apart!


Right handed, right eared most of the time, except when my right ear is too hot from too much phone talking, and I think right eyed just because that's the one that sees the best.

Blue, but I don't have the same hatred for black that you do!

I can't say if I like sleeping in or getting up early... it depends.

BEER. *shudders from the wine flashbacks*

DVD because of the comfort of being able to put my feet up on something.

Shower... our crappy tub is horrible.

that's it I guess... my mouth is watering thinking of you eating delicious chicken with that amazing sauce... I've realized that I use "points de suspensions" a lot... (I don't know the word for dot dot dot in english)

K that's it.

And for those who haven't seen her bling, it IS shiny and sparkley and HUGE!!

revswife said...

You didn't tell your sister you had a blog all this time? Shame shame shame on you! You sneaky one! I can not WAIT to see this ring of yours.

Evey said...

I think you should post a picture of this shiny ring you wear:) And yes, shame on you from not telling your sister about the blog.

Although I am now mad at your sister for speaking of Swiss Chalet. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it...but alas there is none anywhere near me way out here in Boston. ALthough there is one in Buffalo, NY and we are going there in August so we will be hitting up the Swiss Chalet!!

The Rev said...

dot dot dot = ellipsis

The Rev said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
K said...

She saw me looking at LORI's BLOG...not mine. It was PINK, not GREEN....
I just wanted to see if she'd find it on her own...

The Infamous Sister said...

If I was just looking at Lori's blog, how on earth would I think to type in Inspired by Dooce??? I don't know what that is! I must have seen this one an other day, not lurking while teeth brushing but lurking whilst doing soemthing else.

And what a cop-out response saying that you wanted to see if I could find it on my own! Oh well, I suppose I HAVE to forgive you now, since you ARE my sister!

Thanks for the dot dot dot vocab... I never would have guessed that! At least I have SOME friends! Sniff Sniff!

K said...

a girl's gotta have some secrets no? i figured you would have found it AGES ago, after all, we do share a computer...

and in the words of Carrie Bradshaw: "you HAVE to forgive me" actually, maybe i will be more like Samantha "deal with it and move on.."

The Infamous Sister said...

Some secrets, yes, of course. But when you blatantly go OUT OF YOUR WAY to hide it? You use MY computer all the time, but I've never seen this address thingy on there before... and when I asked you what you were looking at you just said "oh, something I like to read every once in a while"... That's just cold sista!

Of course you have secrets, and so do I (and they're good ones too! But I guess the major one is out of the bag since you're wearing a blingy ring) but you've written loads about stuff we've seen together or done, and you just comment to other poeple, not to me! It's sad to think you don't think you can tell me stuff, but you can let some stranger know what you're thinking. (I know not everyone is a stranger!)

I know you don't like telling me things, and I've learned to deal with it... I guess it's just weird to think that you think all these things and I never knew.

ANYWAYS, it's no biggie... I'm not heart broken. (though I'm still sad that Jordan wouldn't re-inact his proposal but directed towards me...)(that doesn't mean I'm in love with jordan... it means I want a diamond.)

By the way, I like the way evey talks... LOVE LOVE LOVE it! (I talk that way too, with the capitals and the 3 times a word thing)

K said...

woah...could have written an email...

K said...

and seriously??? i'm ranting about all the same things i rant about generally...

anyway, this is probably enough about that...

revswife said...

Uh....Maybe just maybe your dear sister should start a blog. I would love to read it. She has a great deal to say.

Evey said...

I second the motion that she should have a blog. I too would read it, in fact i would LOVE LOVE LOVE to. lol ;)