Monday, June 20, 2005

let the panic begin

I have now officially registered for the GREs. I have 7 weeks before this bitch of an exam. It isn't really an exam that measures how smart you are, but rather if you've learned how to beat the test. It's a money grab (at $149.80 US) and piece of crap really.

So I must cram into my head words such as: uxorious, mendacity, and gravitas. Which to me isn't nearly as scary as solving a quadratic equation or trying to decipher this:
If n is an odd integer, which one of the following is an even integer?
(A) 3n + 2 (B) n/4 (C) 2n + 3 (D) n(n + 3) (E) nn
ok so I do know that in this case the answer is D, but in theory, I will only have about 10 seconds to figure it out.

Now that I've registered I'm hoping my motivation will increase. I started studying at the beginning of June, but the pace wasn't exactly stellar.
Wish me luck.

*on a sidenote, the spell check on blogger didn't recognize any of my wonderful vocabulary words.


The Rev said...

Can you give a walk-through on that there math thingy. Cause I'm thinking the answer should be E.

K said...

If n is an odd integer, which one of the following is an even integer?
(A) 3n + 2 (B) n/4 (C) 2n + 3 (D) n(n + 3) (E) nn

There are some fancy rules that I need to learn about odds and evens, but for now, I just substitued in 1 for n.
1- it's automatically not B because and integer is a whole number.
2-if n=1, A is 5 and C is also 5
3-if n=1, E is is 1
4-if n=1, D is 4 x 1, so 4.

The odd/even status will not change no matter what you use. (try it with 3...)

But the "trick" to the GREs is that once you learn the odd/even rules, you should be able to just look at it and know. But because I'm a little anal, I'd have to check it with 1 and 2 (because they are the easiest to use) which will take my time up. Ah well.

The Rev said...

And if I were to ever take the test I would have to read the question properly.

Reason for thinking the answer should be E: I read "negative" instead of "odd" and "positive" instead of "even".

Would I be right if that were the true question?

K said...

E would be a positive number yes...

The Rev said...

And D would be positive OR negative depending on what "negative" number is used, correct?

Now, explain exactly what this test is for. Why are you taking it?

Evey said...

All I know is this post made my head hurt:)

K said...

D would always be negative because regarless of what n is, you are multiplying n+3 by a negative number, so it would be negative.

The GREs are the "graduate requisite exams" and are the grad school version of the SATs. Generally, you only need them to go to an american university, but for some reason, you need them to apply for Clinical Psychology programs

The Rev said...

Hold on. If n=-4 and n(n+3) then what would the answer be? It would be positive, wouldn't it?

K said...

I was thinking about that in the shower this morning...
you were right. I think I wasn't reading (or thinking) properly.

thephoenixnyc said...

The spell check on blogger doesn't recognize any word with more than two syllables.

Good luck studying? What are you going for on your Masters?

K said...

phoenix: Hopefully Clinical psychology, but perhaps counselling psychology. It depends on a few things