Tuesday, May 03, 2005

today is tuesday....

Tuesday is "TAR" day.

Tuesday, May 3, 9PM ET/PT
Some take a chance on airline tickets without confirmed seats, while others get seats on a later flight. Will the gamble pay off? I think Romber would try this.

Forced to beg for money, one Racer shares a stranger's lipstick. Oh Kelly...forced to share lipstick...you poor poor dear. Just think of all the lipstick Ron didn't have when he was in a POW camp trying to get out of being in the military.

One Team is Yielded. Will this affect their standing? A Romber yeild? Maybe someone will do it....

Teams have trouble with double-decker buses, which they have to drive. This is where Ron has a sexist comment about women and driving...I'd like to see you do it Ron

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Anonymous said...

I saw on the cbs web site that Amber and Rob saying something about it could cost them the race.
I wonder if Amber and Rob will get yeiled by another team.
It looks like all the teams have a hard time driving the double decker bus.
We saw Uchenna helping the old couple with a task.